Sunday, November 10, 2013

Shiloh - 'Simple Little Down Home Rock n' Roll Love Song for Rosie'

Before Don Henley rose to fame in The Eagles and beyond, he was a member of Shiloh.  Kenny Rogers produced their one and only self-titled album for Amos Records.

One of the notable tracks off the record is 'Simple Little Down Home Rock n' Roll Love Song for Rosie.'

Stream this forgotten track in the YouTube player below:

Jake Bugg - 'Lightning Bolt'

Jake Bugg is a 19 year old from Nottingham.  Similar to his fore-bearers of fifty years ago, Bugg reintroduces to American audiences stripped down and back-to-basic versions of their own music.

'Lightning Bolt' is a folk-rock sensation that is sneaking its way up the charts of various American radio stations.  Upon first listen, it's easy to confuse the tune with a Greenwich Beatnik tune from 1960.  The song makes no apologies for its retro stylings and is a testament to the enduring quality of the basic components of rock and roll:  driving beats, simple chords, and a catchy chorus.

Stream 'Lightning Bolt' in the SoundCloud player below: