Friday, December 23, 2022

BOSCO - '4th of July'

Thanks to a recent referral by fellow contributor Tae, I have been able to embrace my Scandinavian roots, and experience some modern day infrared sauna at a nearby luxury spa.  The setup is amazing; you check in and are given your own private room, complete with bluetooth audio and hundreds of internet television channels.  A complete array of chromatherapy is also available.  

While the heat is unassuming for the first few minutes, once the infrared's photons have had enough time to microwave your insides, it can begin to feel like you are finishing a marathon without having set foot on a running track.  Your heart rate increases, euphoria arises, and you soon discover your skin contains more pores than you ever realized, each expelling metal-laden toxicants by way of colossal perspiration.  

During one recent session, I was grinding against the heat when '4th of July' by BOSCO came on the room's bluetooth stereo.  It provided the necessary inspiration for me to endure the final portion of my 40 minute session.  BOSCO's vocals carried the sweet swagger of a young Janet Jackson, while the beat of the song presented an untroubled array of chilled-out R&B.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a whole lot of information on BOSCO on the internet.  The only link of substance I could really find was the one to her album, Someday This Will All Make Sense, on Amazon here.  

But, you can watch the immersive video to '4th of July' by BOSCO down below.  Although, without the requisite heat, your viewing results may vary: