Friday, March 31, 2006

Caught On Tape: Jamiroquai - 'Virtual Insanity'

Remember when Mtv was actually known for its music videos and not for Laguna Beach? Remember when a music video could make an artistic statement and still be one of the most popular? So do I. Hey, here's one!

Jamiroquai - 'Virtual Insanity'

In 1997, nearly eight years before Napoleon Dynamite busted a move to the song 'Canned Heat,' Jamiroquai had gained vast acclaim through their breakout single 'Virtual Insanity.' Besides being a catchy tune, the song's music video kept audiences mezmerized, as vocalist Jay Kay pranced around a white room in his big, fuzzy hat. Viewers were confused as to how the floor was moving, and the phenomenon drove many into a virtual insanity of their own. Enough so that the video won awards for "Breakthrough Video" and "Best Video of the Year" at 1997's Mtv Music Video Awards. I mean, my father even bought me a congo drum to go along with the cd I got for my birthday that year for crying out loud! While the video's meaning in connection to the lyrics can be interpreted individually, the question of the moving floor trick has long since been solved.

Still haven't figured it out? Check HERE for the answers.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Prince's First Number One

Prince has finally debuted at number one. Despite being in the business for nearly thirty years, it is only now in 2006 that one of his albums has immediately claimed the top spot.

3121 is the name of the album, and many think that this disc could prove to be Prince's "triumphant return to pop." This recent development certainly supports such a claim.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Godsmack - 'Speak'

Here's Godsmack's new single, 'Speak.'

Godsmack - 'Speak '

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tool Returns With 7 Minute Single

Ted first posted on the possibility to a follow-up to Tool's Lateralus, and it has now been confirmed. 10,000 Days is set to release May 2, and features a 7 minute track as its first single. 'Vicarious' is the name of the song. It should arrive to radio broadcasters April 17.

Finally, more Evanescence on the way

Adding a to a previous post in which I ripped Evanescence for being REALLY slow with their follow-up album, Amy Lee recently released a statement announcing the album is nearing completion.

The release of their follow-up to their 6 x platinum debut, Fallen, has been hindered by a lineup change and former Cold guitarist Terry Balsamo's stroke last November. When I originally called out Evanescence for making their fans wait too long, the news of Balsamo's stroke had yet to be announced (and a reader kindly informed me of my 'misinformation' only after the announcement had been made, AFTER I had already posted). I did not mean to make light of Balsamo's stroke, which I know can be quite a life-changing event.

The album is receiving finishing touches and will apparently be mixed next week. The as-yet to be titled album will be released sometime late this summer. Will I be buying the album? No. But it is nice to see that Evanescence will keep their career going and finally reward their fans with new music. Here is the rest of what Amy Lee said:

"It's going to be hard to hold this music in all summer. I really want to thank you guys again for being so patient - I know it's gonna be worth it."

It had better be.

You can read the rest of the report here

The Zelda Rap

I was feeling retro today and stumbled across this gem from the past. Wow, hip-hop in commericals have come a long way.

"Whoa, nice graphics, I'd like to get my hands on that game!"


Unquestionably, one of the most prolific bands to emerge in the 80s/90s alternative scene was The Pixies. From providing profound influence for Nirvana's work to creating a name of their own, The Pixies are a staple for any true alt rock fan.

LoudQuietLoud, a documentary by Steven Cantor and Matthew Galkin has been released and offers a unique glimpse of the band during their "warm-up tour," an attempt at reuniting.

For a more in-depth review of this film, you can click here.

Paul Simon Album Review

Interested in the new Paul Simon album? You can read Newsday's review here.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Justin Timberlake Is The Next Rambo

You've got to be kidding me. Justin Timberlake an action star? Sources at The Sun claim that to be the case.

Apparently Timberlake has been slated to play a Rambo-like character for his first-ever leading role in the movie Stop Loss, all the while finishing up his follow-up to Justified. An unidentified source said:

“Justin will have to work quickly to finish the songs. He has been in the studio but he won’t have much time once he starts filming.”

Stop Loss is set to follow a similar storyline the orginal 1982 version of Rambo contained. That version famously featured Sly Stallone as the renegade soldier.

It is unclear how the *NSYNC pretty boy will establish himself as an uber macho warrior.

Maybe there will be a tank scene with 'Rock Your Body' as the score?

Zeppelin Tops Guitar Solo List

Readers of 'Total Guitar,' one of Europe's largest selling guitar magazines, have voted Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway to Heaven' the best guitar solo of all time.

The rest of the list is below:

2. Van Halen – ‘Eruption’
3. Guns N' Roses – ‘Paradise City’
4. The Eagles – ‘Hotel California‘
5. Metallica – ‘Enter Sandman’
6. Cream – ‘Crossroads’
7. Jimi Hendrix – ‘Voodoo Child’
8. Ozzy Osbourne – ‘Crazy Train’
9. Free – ‘All Right Now’
10. Queen – ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

Lenny Kravitz Absolutly Remixed

Head over here to listen to several different remixes of Lenny Kravitz tracks at the Absolut Vodka website.

Hotter Than Beyonce In A Bikini?

"Hotter than Beyonce in a bikini" is how The Sun described the sale of tickets to a recent Arctic Monkeys show in New York. Perhaps hyperbole, perhaps truth, the band from Sheffield has just started to make waves in the States as of late. However, most Americans outside the discourse community known as indie rock would have a hard time distinguishing the group from a mythical species of cold-dwelling simians.

Not quite a household name just yet, is the reported hysteria surrounding the band's US shows further proof of the band's potential popularity, or will they simply go the way of
Oasis? Some music pundits have dismissed the Monkeys as nothing more than British Strokes rip-offs. And considering that the foursome is so cocky they offended Morrissey (he made ammends later), it's clear the band hasn't been the best at making friends as of late.

Hotter than Beyonce in a bikini? It's hard to say right now. Just as long as they don't get demoted to "hotter than
Dick Cheney shirtless" status.

Where Are They Now?: Andrew W.K.

Remember Andrew W.K.? The mostly punk-metal minimalist who bestowed upon us the greatest party song of all time: 'Party Hard?'

So do I, and boy does it bring back the memories.

In my quest to dig up some information on the sleazy looking rocker from
Michigan, I encountered everything from hilarious anime parodies of his music to touring information (yes, the guy still performs). In fact, on his website it says a new album is due in 2006, which, for me, is a great thing to hear.

In order to fill the void of W.K.'s absense of the last few years, I've posted the video for 'Never Let Down,' my personal favorite. From the air drumming, to the fact that a grand piano is implemented into such a guitar-dominated song, there are plenty of reasons to love this video. I think the extreme deviation from his usual stripped-down chorales is what I like best.

For now, sit back and enjoy. And be sure to keep visiting
The Lonely Note for more Andrew W.K. news as it develops.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Sleepy Iowa College Town Produces Platinum Record

The Northern Iowan town of Cedar Falls, whose cityscape provided the setting for Sleeping With The Enemy, will have a new claim to fame this spring. In April the RIAA projects Stone Sour's self-titled debut will sell over one million copies, thus giving the home of the UNI Panthers its first ever platinum record. That's right, Stone Sour, the band fronted by Slipknot's Corey Taylor (pictured), recorded their disc in Cedar Falls at Catamount Recording. Taylor is an Evansdale, Iowa native.

Tom Tatman, studio founder, producer and engineer, as been in the recording business since 1979. He has mixed nearly 300 albums from all genres, including roots-rock, hard rock and jazz. University of Northern Iowa Jazz Band director Chris Merz has recently lauded Tatman's work, saying that “Tom is a very knowledgeable producer; he knows what music should sound like.”

Stone Sour's debut was released in 2002.

Placebo's Meds

Meds, the forthcoming release from Placebo, is due April 4. The band performed at Singapore's MTV Fashionably Loud show yesterday. The show complimented the Singapore Fashion Festivial.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

New Audioslave Album Due In June

Only last summer was Audioslave's sophomore effort Out of Exile released. And only a year later will come the superband's next album, Revelations.

Chris Cornell, the group's vocalist, says that for the third time around, he will be implementing a more soulful sound that echoes the cadence of his musical heroes:

"I love rock music, but my favorite singers are not in rock bands. They're Stevie Wonder, Mavis Staples, the Chamber Brothers."

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Why You Should Never Let Prince Rent Your House

Carlos Boozer, of the Utah Jazz, was put off by Prince's recent interior and exterior decorating.

The basketball player was leasing his Hollywood estate to the funk rocker from Lake Minnetonka when he discovered that the outside of his house had a new paint coat....consisting of purple stripes, the Prince symbol, and the number "3121", the title of Prince's new album. The inside was just as ridiculous with purple, monogramed carpet and the plumbing work entirely redone to accomodate water for beauty salon chairs.

Boozer attempted to sue Prince, stating the leasee had violated terms of the lease. The suit was settled out of court, however, when it was learned that Boozer had been aware of the changes to his house for some time and continued to collect rent without complaint.

If only 'Trading Spaces' was there to catch it all on tape.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Caught On Tape: Re-'Michael'ing McDonald

So, I've been on quite the Michael McDonald kick lately. This is due partially to's hilarious and successful Yacht Rock show, which plays largely on creator JD Rynar's impersonation of McDonald. After he appeared in the last episode sporting that trademark silvery-white head of hair, I was inspired to seek out other videos showcasing the ex-Doobie Brother in action.

The following short is another great McDonald mimic, which follows an in-studio-interview format. The wig and fake beard quickly hits on the punchline, but the joke continues, as the impersonator shuffles to the music and dramatically overemphasizes his vocals through a process he names "Re-'Michael'ing." I'm not sure of the video's origins, so if anyone knows, inform me, so that I can give proper credit. Enjoy..."Baaaayyybeeee!"

Matt Sorum Confirms Album Recording Date

Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum has told a Minnesota radio station that the group will begin recording its new album April 10. He continued:

It's real close, you know," [Sorum] said. "The thing is, we always have way too much material, so it's probably more a matter of just like picking the right ones. It's a quality problem. This second record will be just an exploration, as opposed to like, 'Let's crush it and put it out,' it's gonna be exploration and I think people will really dig it."

Chris Daughtry Update

I'm going to try to avoid as much as possible to dominate the blog with 'American Idol' posts, but I have to report on Daughtry's performance tonight.

Once again, he brought his rebel rock attitude to the contest.

Tonight's theme was "Songs From the 50s" and Daughtry brought to the table an alt-rock version of Johnny Cash's 'I Walk the Line.' It was hard, melodic, and most importantly, original. All three judges approved, and the entire audience gave him a standing-o.

The selection show is on tomorrow evening to determine which contestant gets voted off next.

Ted's Song of the Week - 3/21/06

King Without a Crown
Shake Off The Dust... Arise

Last week was spent primarily at work, but I managed to escape the grind for a few days to visit some friends during the spring break. In that time, I caught up on some recently acquired music, which included Matisyahu's debut album "Shake Off the Dust... Arise."

Matisyahu, a Hasidic Jew with the gift of a reggae tongue, is a rare and unique performer. At first glance, one may think the guy is off his rocker, but one listen is all it takes to realize the guy is badass.

First of all, I'm not a huge reggae fan. My knowledge of the genre starts and stops with Bob Marley, but I was very pleased to discover Matisyahu and his hit single "King Without a Crown." I had put the song on a road mix to pass the traveling time and found a song that has since found constant rotation in my music library.

Matisyahu - King Without a Crown

You're all that I have and you're all that I need
Each and every day I pray to get to know you please
I want to be close to you, yes I'm so hungry
You're like water for my soul when it gets thirsty
Without you there's no me
You're the air that I breathe
Sometimes the world is dark and I just can't see
With these, demons surround all around to bring me down to negativity
But I believe, yes I believe, I said I believe
I'll stand on my own two feet
Won't be brought down on one knee
Fight with all of my might and get these demons to flee
Hashem's rays fire blaze burn bright and I believe
Out of darkness comes light, twilight unto the heights
Crown Heights burnin' up all through the twilight
Said, thank you to my God, now I finally got it right
And I'll fight with all of my heart, and all a' my soul, and all a' my might

What's this feeling?
My love will rip a hole in the ceiling
Givin' myself to you from the essence of my being
Sing to my God all these songs of love and healing
Want Mashiach now so it's time we start revealing

Me no want no sinsemilla.
That would only bring me down
Burn away my brain no way my brain is to compound
Elevated my soul you're a flying my sound
Like the sun of a sun ray burning up through a cloud
Torah food for my brain let it rain till I drown
Let the blessings come down

Strip away the layers and reveal your soul
Got to give yourself up and then you become whole
You're a slave to yourself and you don't even know
You want to live the fast life but your brain moves slow
If you're trying to stay high then you're bound to stay low
You want God but you can't deflate your ego
If you're already there then there's nowhere to go
If you're cup's already full then its bound to overflow
If you're drowning in the water's and you can't stay afloat
Ask Hashem for mercy and he'll throw you a rope
You're looking for help from God you say he couldn't be found
Looking up to the sky and searchin' beneath the ground
Like a King without his Crown
Yes, I wanna get down
A King without his Crown
Yes, you keep fallin' down
You really want to live but can't get rid of your frown
Tried to reach unto the heights and wound bound down on the ground
Given up your pride and the you heard a sound
Out of night comes day and out of day comes light
Nullified to the One like sunlight in a ray,
Makin' room for his love and a fire gone blaze

What's this feeling?
My love will rip a hole in the ceiling
Givin' myself to you from the essence of my being
Sing to my God all these songs of love and healing
Want Mashiach now so it's time we start revealing

Reelin' him in
Where ya been
Where ya been
Where ya been for so long
It's hard to stay strong been livin' in galus (exile) for 2000 years strong
Where ya been for so long
Been livin in this exile for too long

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Rivers Cuomo To Marry and Graduate From College

Rivers Cuomo is scheduled to not only graduate with a degree in English from Harvard later this year, but to marry his groupie sweetheart, Kyoko Ito, as well. Cuomo met Ito at a gig in 1997, and their wedding is planned for the summer.

Stop Making Punk Band Cover Albums!

It seems like every time a record compilation comes out featuring so-called modern punk bands covering the great songs of years past the end result is, at best, a dreadful interpretation.

The newest bevy from
Fearless Records, entitled Punk Goes 90s, is no exception. Although only four songs are available for sample at this time, the whiny voices and chipmunk chords provide enough material for anyone who appreciates 90s grunge and jangle to easily dismiss the album's songs as cheap parodies of their original, better selves.

Punk Goes 90s isn't the first such production by Fearless. In 2005 they released Punk Goes 80s (available for sample
here), and it was equally awful. Using the same prescriptive formula of combining sub-par, unheard-of punk bands with killah hits of yesteryear, Fearless implemented, once again, a sales strategy that siphoned a few bucks from the naive music fan while tainting classic rock in the process.

I'm not anti-punk---just anti-unoriginality. If bands like
Hit The Lights and Emery want to gain some legitimacy in the music world all I suggest is that they compose something new, rather than punishing the rest of us with butchered karaoke versions of previously great tracks.

The cover-game to gain exposure has already been overdone. Remember
Orgy and Limp Bizkit with 'Blue Monday' and 'Faith,' respectively? It gained them radio play for a brief moment in the late-90s, but where have those bands been lately? The same goes for The Ataris and 'Boys of Summer.' Even when Vanilla Ice tried to reinvent himself and came out with a weak rap-rock version of his own 'Ice Ice Baby' several years after its orginal release nobody wanted to listen to it.

It is one thing to cover a song after establishing oneself in the music world for awhile, but to ride the coattails of successful predecessors to gain personal exposure seems sacrilege.

Imitation may be the best form of flattery, but in the case of punk band cover albums its torturous.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Chris Daughtry Could Be New Fuel Singer

It was a few weeks ago that I endorsed Chris Daughtry as the next American Idol.

Apparently I wasn't the only one who was impressed.

Jeff Abercrombie, Fuel's bassist, was so smitten by Daughtry's rendition of 'Hemorrhage (In My Hands)' that he has extended an open offer to the reality show contestant to be its new lead vocalist. Idol judge Randy Jackson has confirmed the offer.

Brett Scallions, Fuel's orginal lead singer, left the band in early February, so the band is looking for a replacement via contest. The official website makes mention of Daughtry's performance, but also invites others to submit auditions.

New Music Highlight: People in Planes

People in Planes used to be known as Tetra Splendour, but with a new name and a reinvented sound, this outfit from Cardiff, Wales has finally experienced some stateside exposure with 'If I Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode).'

Jangly and melodic, here is that very single:

People in Planes - 'If I Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode)'

Rose Instigates Velvet Revolver Turmoil

Axl Rose has recently stoked the ire of Velvet Revolver singer Scott Weiland. The Guns N' Roses frontman claims that last October VR guitarist Slash referred to Weiland as "a fraud" (in addition to other things) when he showed up at Axl's door unannounced. The former GNR guitarist and Rose hadn't spoken in nearly ten years, so such an encounter is hard to believe.

While Slash has been uncharacteristically silent about the alleged meeting, Weiland has not been. On VR's official website he launched into a thunderous diatribe against Rose, calling him “Botox faced,” “wig wearin," " a frightened little man who once thought he was king," and a slew of other less-tasteful remarks.

With both bands slated to release albums later this year, the fight for Slash is an important one. Will Slash jump the VR ship and rejoin GNR, thus spawning a much talked about reunion? Or will the top-hatted guitarist remain in VR, reducing Axl's attempted reemergence to the top of the rock world to novelty status?

Taylor Hawkins and His Coattail Riders Perform at SXSW

Drummer for the Foo Fighters, Taylor Hawkins, has unleashed his side project at the recent South By Southwest music festival. Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders is the name of the band, and it features Hawkins singing as well as drumming.

The Coattail Riders, made up of old Jane's Addiction bassist Chris Chaney and Gannin (a friend of Hawkins), join the Foo Fighters drummer in producing "rich, lush licks" and "powerful,...machine-gun fast" rhythms.

The group's debut album will be released Tuesday.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Limp Bizkit Done For Good

In some of the greatest Saint Patrick's Day news ever, Wes Borland has confirmed that Limp Bizkit is no more. Citing the communication breakdown among members of the band the guitarist said:

"It just ground to a halt," [Borland] continued. "We just basically stopped talking. I feel bad for the fans that [might] think something's actually going to happen with Limp [in the future]. It's not happening. The Unquestionable Truth (Part 2) is not coming out. If it does, I'd be super surprised. But you can never say never. Anything's possible. As of right now, none of my future plans include Limp Bizkit."


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Radiohead Struggling With New Album

As I make my way back home from my trip (I'm now in Charleston, West Virginia), a crosspost is the best I can muster. By week's end the blog should be back in full swing, so you should only have to suffer with the lack of posts until then.

The following is from
Thom Yorke has revealed that he and the rest of Radiohead are struggling with the recording of their new album.

Posting on the Dead Air Space section of the band’s official website Yorke wrote that he was “unsure about everything” and that it was “very frustrating”.

The full post says: “Today, myself, I was struggling, feels like we’ve been trapped for a long time. In la la land. Very frustrating, and under pressure now, it’s so slow.”

”Enough to drive anyone loopy. I’m supposed to be positive. Smiling faces for the outside. Well I’m fucking tearing my hair out. Too much at once. Furiously writing, working out parts. Cracking up.”

“Not much time left. Unsure about everything. I’m not supposed to put any of this here. So that’s why I am.”

As previously reported on Gigwise Radiohead are headlining this year’s V Festival, we just hope they’ll be finish in time!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Live From Myrtle Beach

An audio update from Steve, who is on vacation:

Monday, March 13, 2006

Can't Buy Me Love

Courtney Love may be selling off as much as a quarter of her stake in the Nirvana catalog. The longtime Lonely Note punching bag recently told The Daily Mirror that she has considered selling her share of the grunge bible to get back in the black.

Love has joint control over the Nirvana catalog with Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl. It will be interesting to see how the other two respond to the potential sale of their art.

Possible reasons for Love to sell part of the catalog may include getting back to a solid financial position and/or more plastic surgery.

Seriously, it takes some major moola to look that trashy.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Caught On Tape: New Order - "True Faith"

As Ted and I were discussing this week's installment of Caught On Tape, we both agreed that the 1987 music video for New Order's "True Faith" is still one of our favorite videos of all time. Not only is the single among the best work that the band has produced since their start in the early 80's, but the video is almost a perfect compliment to the song. The wacky costuming and choreography leads the viewer through a sci-fi Sesame Street of sorts, with surreal individuals fighting and dancing in unison. While it is easy to form your own connective meanings between the song and video, there is still enough abstraction going on that it is just as rewarding to sit back and enjoy the humorous sequences taking place.

Reason 212 Why Fall Out Boy Sucks

Apparently Fall Out Boy bassist, Pete Wentz, took some nude pictures of himself, and they are now all over the internet. If you dare, you can look at the pictures here (NOT SAFE FOR WORK).

What. A. Tool.

Pete Doherty = 'F***wit'

Pete Townshend is the latest musician to jump on the let's-rip-on-Pete-Doherty-bandwagon. The Who guitarist, most recently noted for his kiddie porn collection (it was for research!), referred to the Baby Shambles vocalist as the "ultimate rock n’ roll nihilist," and, my favorite, "the ultimate rock n’ roll f***wit." This was in response to Doherty's seven counts of drug possession.

Oh yeah, I forgot Pete Townshend was the biggest straightedge artist of his day.


Classic Rock More Popular Among Contemporary Youths

According to a Summit Daily News article, classic rock is becoming increasingly popular among today's teens and twenty-somethings. One interviewed high schooler claimed that classic rock had more substance, whereas today's music only has one or two songs of any worth, thus explaining classic rock's appeal.

The article goes on to show how classic rock concerts sell-out in a matter of minutes and earn the most when compared to more modern acts.

As a final barometer, Summit provides a list of the top ten grossing bands in the United States in terms of album sales. Unsurprisingly, all ten are classic rockers:

1. The Beatles 163.5 millon albums sold.
2. Led Zeppelin 103.5 millon albums sold.
3. Eagles 83.5 millon albums sold.
4. Pink Floyd 68.5 millon albums sold.
5. AC/DC 63.0 millon albums sold.
6. Aerosmith 59.5 millon albums sold.
7. The Rolling Stones 53.5 millon albums sold.
8. Van Halen 50.5 millon albums sold.
9. Metallica 48.0 millon albums sold.
10. Fleetwood Mac 46.0 millon albums sold.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Chris Price - 'Charge Me Up'

The Lonely Note was recently introduced to a song that I totally dig. Here is Chris Price's 'Charge Me Up.' For more information you can visit the official website where you can even download the actual MP3.

For now, here is his track for your streaming pleasure:

Chris Price - 'Charge Me Up'

Rock Idol Chris Daughtry

If someone had asked me, even last year, if I'd ever take the time to sit through an entire episode of Fox's 'American Idol' I would have responded with a resounding "NO!" Musically, I thought the show was a convolution of what "good American music" is supposed to be---not what it really is.

While Randy Jackson always seemed to base his judging primarily on content, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell were always judging an artist's potential on wardrobe choice and sex appeal. And considering that Abdul's greatest musical feat was performing with an animated cat and Cowell's was running his record business into the ground, I thought 'American Idol' was simply the biggest crock on earth.

The voting system always bothered me too: for a two hour time period anybody in the US can vote for as many contestants as they want for as many times as they want. Translatation: eleven-year-old girls who have nothing better to do on a Wednesday night can hover around the telephone and vote for Clay Aiken hundreds of times. The system just doesn't seem fair.

It was only a few weeks ago that I got reeled into watching an 'American Idol' episode (don't ask me why), and I must say that my feelings toward the competition's judging still stands. However, I was stunned to discover that among all the caberet singers and dorky choir boys stood out one contestant who wasn't afraid to rock.

Last week Chris Daughtry, a North Carolina native, performed a spectacular rendition of Fuel's 'Hemorrhage (In My Hands).' Keeping in mind that that he was the final contestant for the night, who followed a line of subpar Sinatra and Garth Brooks imitators, it blew me away that Daughtry not only sang a song foreign to the American Idol scene, but received rave evaluations from all three of the judges.

Last night I was blown away again by Daughtry when he sang his personalized version of 'Broken' by Seether/Amy Lee. Unfortunately, it wasn't as great of a performance as his Fuel vocalization, but the fact that he took the risk to sing the song on national TV to an audience used to voting for Kelly Clarkson and Ruben Studdard shows that Daughtry is unafraid to follow his heart and soul.

Because of this, I believe that Daughtry is one of the most genuine musicians on the show. Combined with his work ethic, I also think that he is the best chance rock and roll has at winning the entire competition.

With tonight's selection show, let's hope my prediction is correct.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

BET's Ethics Questioned Over Lil' Kim Production

When someone is sentenced to prison for lying to a grand jury, it's meant as a punishment for impeding justice---not as an entrepreneurial opportunity for the individual who committed the wrongdoing.

Music variety network
BET sees differently. They've responded to recent criticism of 'Lil' Kim: Countdown to Lockdown' by stating that the six-part reality television show they co-produced with Kim's production company is supposed to be a serious look at the consequences of bad choices, and not a glorification of prison life.

However, others have interpreted the showing quite differently, referring to the production as an "unabashed infomercial." And considering that BET overlooked obvious conflicts of interest by choosing to forge a business partnership with a convicted felon, it is quite easy to see why many think the
Viacom-owned television channel is unethical:

"Give props to exec producer Tracey Edmonds and Edmonds Entertainment for capturing the distorted reality surrounding a pampered and ego-driven star. And more props to Lil‘ Kim‘s production company for persuading BET to disregard obvious ethical concerns and let it co-produce this unabashed infomercial." ~Barry Garon

'Countdown to Lockdown' debuts March 9.

U2's Australian Tour Postponed

A week isn't complete here at the Lonely Note without some reference to Bono and the gang.

Unfortunately, this week's news isn't great for
Australian fans of U2. Due to family illness, U2's tour dates in the Land Down Under have been pushed back. Specifically, the last ten dates of the Australian leg of the Vertigo '06 tour have been delayed despite having been sold out.

One fan, via U2 fansite
Zoomerang, had this to say about the disappointing news:

"Obviously this is devastating. 8 years of waiting. I had flights and accommodation booked and was attending all Oz and NZ shows. It's awful," the posting said. "But let's all remember as disappointed as we are I'm sure this 'band member' is probably going through worse times. As long as its postponed and not cancelled, I can deal. We've waited 8 long years, we can wait another few weeks/months if need be."

Lil' Jon gets low

Lil’ Jon has taken his crunk to another level by starring in his own line of pornographic movies. The rapper is already at work on two films for the pornographic studio Vivid. The first film, "Lil’ Jon’s Vivid Vegas Party," will cast the rapper as part of the background. In other words, he won’t be having sex, but he will probably hang out during the scenes and scream “Yeah!”.

Lil’ Jon will also provide the musical score for Vivid Vegas Party.

Something tells me this is going to be hilarious.

Raconteurs Album Release

The Raconteurs, featuring Jack White and Brendan Benson, have scheduled their album debut Broken Boy Soldiers for May 16.

Until that time, check out the group’s first single “Steady, As She Goes.”

The Raconteurs - Steady, As She Goes

Broken Boy Soldiers’ track listing:
Steady, As She Goes
Broken Boy Soldier
Intimate Secretary
Store Bought Bones
Yellow Sun
Call It a Day
Blue Veins

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Pearl Jam Ready to Rock Free World

Pearl Jam has announced the first leg of their North American tour dates. The tour will kick off on May 9, a week after the band’s self-titled album is released, courtesy of J Records.

My Morning Jacket has been confirmed as the opening act for the first part of the tour.

Pearl Jam's tour dates:

May 9-10: Toronto (Air Canada Centre)
May 12: Albany, N.Y. (Pepsi Arena)
May 13: Hartford, Conn. (New England Dodge Music Arena)
May 16: Chicago (United Center)
May 19: Grand Rapids, Mich. (Van Andel Arena)
May 20: Cleveland (Quicken Loans Arena)
May 22: Auburn Hills, Mich. (Palace of Auburn Hills)
May 24: Boston (TD Banknorth Garden)
May 27: Camden, N.J. (Tweeter Center)
May 30: Washington, D.C. (MCI Center)
June 1, 3: East Rutherford, N.J. (Continental Airlines Arena)

Monday, March 06, 2006

Ted's Song of the Week - 3/06/06

The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

The indie cool kids from Brooklyn show they can rock on this track from their debut album. This is a great song to chill to. I especially like the fact that singer Alec Ounsworth can sing completely out-of-tune and still make the song sound good. You can almost hear the joy these musicians are feeling while playing this tune.

The one thing about this track that really stood out is its likeness to the Cure's "Just Like Heaven." Both repective tracks introduce a wide array of instruments to create songs that are constantly picking up steam. Kind of like a snowball effect. The major differences between the Cure classic and "The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth" is the latter's disturbingly gross title and Ounsworth's ability to sound completely smashed. I keep thinking of Julian Casablancas (The Strokes) stumbling across the stage on the "Last Nite" video when I hear this CYHSY song.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth

Once - The dogs have quit their barking
"Son," - my neighbor said to me.
"Know the emptiness of talking blue
the same old sheep."
Run - I'll do no more this walking
Haunted by a past I just can't see

But let me tell you I have never planned
To let go of the hand that has been
Clinging by its thick country skin
To my yellow country teeth

Far - Far away from West Virginia
I - Will try on New York City
Explaining that the sky holds the
Wind the sun rushes in and a child
With a shotgun can shoot down
Honeybees that sting

Who - Will get me to a party?
Who - Do I have yet to meet?
You - You look a bit like coffee
And you taste a bit like me
How - Can I keep me from moving?
Now - I need a change of scenery
Just listen to me I won't pretend to
Understand the movement of the wind
Or the waves out in the ocean or how
Like the hours I change softly slowly
Plainly blindly oh me oh my!

Willy Wonka and the Purple Rain

Prince has pulled a Willy Wonka and planted seven hidden tickets within his latest album "3121."

The lucky winners will be flown to Prince's Minneapolis home for an exclusive concert.

"3121" is expected to hit shelves near the end of March.

Maybe those seven fortunate fans can partake in a game of basketball after the concert.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hasselhoff's 'Hooked On A Feeling'

Sundays always tend to be slow news days, so why not pass the time with a David Hasselhoff masterpiece! Even Kraft's Macaroni & Cheese isn't this cheesy:

Morrison Disheveled By Current Music Industry

Van Morrison is distraught at how the current music business is running itself. Miffed at how record labels have come to value commerce over live performance, Morrison lamented:

Everything is about commercialism these days, not music. When I started out, commercialism was about making a living. You only put out records because you thought you might get more gigs that way, it might raise your profile. You weren't putting out a record because you were making some statement."

Morrison's latest album is Pay the Devil.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Bril - Airless Alarm

Bril - Airless Alarm
4.0 Out of 5.0 Stars

Bril isn’t one of those bands that are strikingly unique, yet there’s something subtle about Airless Alarm that makes them different. Upon a first and inattentive listen, it would be easy to group this band from San Clemente in with the congregation of other college rock groups. It’s true they sound a little bit like Coldplay on one hand, and a little bit like Bloc Party on the other. But a more concentrated spin of the album reveals that Airless Alarm is greater than the sum of its contemporaries.

The album’s current single is ‘Far Away,’ and it serves as an effective metonymy of the record. That track, like many of the others, is filled with insular vocals, layered harmonies and emotive culminations. This simple formula, combined with Dave Starr’s honest, yet poignant lyrics, serve to make Airless Alarm a successful introspection.

Airless Alarm will probably fancy more the coffee shop dweller and less the hardcore indie concert goer simply because of its tempo: it’s a slower album. However, the thumping rhythms and musical climaxes will appeal to most rockers no matter what.

For a debut album, Airless Alarm sets a suitable foundation for Bril to launch their mainstream music career. It is quite possible the band may branch out into harder territory come future discs, and it’s equally likely they could master their current alcove of cerebral alternative. Whatever the future holds, the band should be sure to relish the press and airplay Airless Alarm has received. It’s a good disc.

Bril - 'Far Away'

Listen to 'World Wide Suicide'

The fellas over at Stereogum have posted the new Pearl Jam single, 'World Wide Suicide,' for all to listen to. Click here for the mp3.

Needless to say, I'm not surprised by the song. It's pretty much what I expect the Pearl Jam of 2006 to sound like, for better or for worse.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Stoking The Stapp Fire

In a follow-up to yesterday’s story “The Great Stapp Sabotage,” Kid Rock has come out to hit the Scott Stapp Piñata.

Kid Rock has placed the blame squarely on Stapp’s shoulders for losing the sex video.

"He's the idiot because it's out," the 35-year-old Rock said. "I'm holding him responsible."

However, Rock isn’t completely upset that the tape has been released.

"What perfect timing." I got a record coming up ... Maybe I should thank him."

In defense of his role in the sex video, Kid Rock is using a standard cliché found on many a college campus:

"I agree I knew the tape was going on at the time I must have. Although, I'll guarantee you, I wasn't sober."

And the beat goes on. You have to love this kind of drama.

For more information, click here.

Tool hates Dubya

Tool’s new album may be titled “10,000 Days,” according to the band’s official website.

The new album is expected to contain 11 tracks, some of them over eight minutes long, to come to a grand total of 77 minutes of Tool’s trademark style of progressive metal.

In an interview with Kerrang! magazine, the members of Tool elaborated on the album’s sound:

"We've all been listening to a lot of MESHUGGAH," admitted guitarist Adam Jones. "I see a lot of them in us and us in them, and they really have a very experimental prog side to them. I don't think it was like, 'Okay, right here were going to play like MESHUGGAH,' but more, 'Oh my God, that's come out a MESHUGGAH moment.'"

Tool drummer Danny Carey tells it how it is:

"We have the most retarded President we've ever had, and we're frustrated and that's the reason it's a little heavier this time," drummer Danny Carey told Kerrang! "That level of frustration back like when we first got the band together: we were products of that fucking Reagan thing, we were pissed off and bummed out, we had that angst, and now it's coming forth again: like it or not, we're products of our environment. We're pissed off again."

You can read the rest of the interview here.

Arcade Fire Honored

The Canadian Independent Music Awards honored local favorite Arcade Fire. The Montreal band won best album and best single.

Full information can be found

The Lovemakers - Times of Romance

The Lovemakers - Times of Romance
3.5 out of 5 stars

It was when Franz Ferdinand’s debut broke out only a few years ago that the feasible fusion of rock and dance first seemed possible. Sure, the 1980s provided acts that could coexist both on the stage and in the disco, (Depeche Mode, INXS and Duran Duran all come to mind) but in the 80s most dance-rock was driven by the synthesizer, and the guitar took an accompanying backseat. Today, the keyboard and the guitar have a more harmonious relationship, with each instrument coequally sharing melodious duties in such bands as The Bravery and Action Action.

The Lovemakers flirt with this guitar piloted dance-rock on Times of Romance, but still seem to subscribe to the New Order paradigm that dance-rock relies more on hooky synth than on killer guitar. This probably explains why Times of Romance seems less innovative, and more like a conservative investigation into the has-been sounds of music past.

Times of Romance is not a great album because it is entirely built around their breakthrough single, ‘Prepare for the Fight.’ That song is bright and earnest, and offers an energetic introduction to the rest of the album. But the rest of the album soon falls short, as the following tracks each serve as disingenuous attempts at cultivating bargain basement synth hooks. ‘Shake Your Ass’ is the outlier to this trend, however, with its sound and lyrical content doling out hip hop grooves and attitude. Of course, the most disappointing moment of this album is when the album ends with a club mix edit of ‘Prepare for the Fight.’ Talk about too much of a good thing.

Overall, Times of Romance is your average indietronic album. Were it not for the recent progress of bands like The Killers and Franz Ferdinand in extending the dance-rock sound to the popular airwaves, it is hard to say whether The Lovemakers would have been given as much time of day to begin with. Times of Romance is too safe and has already been tried.

The Lovemakers - 'Shake That Ass'

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Mr. 'Have A Nice Day' Rips on The Darkness

Jon Bon Jovi is disgusted by The Darkness. He's so disgusted, in fact, he's said recently:

"I hate The Darkness. Fucking hate 'em. I don't understand it. I know they are huge, but I never really got it.

"It's just
Spinal Tap isn't it? It's just a lark. I'm not sure they think so, though. I think they take it seriously. They made a little splash in the US but, man... I don't get it at all."

Of all the bands Jovi could have ripped on, and he picks The Darkness??? He could have chosen Good Charlotte, Simple Plan and a whole host of other worthless bands. Hell, he could have even ripped on Bono, and I would have been okay with it. But The Darkness???

To top it off, has anybody even listened to Bon Jovi's latest disc? It's awful.

March 2006 Album Releases

Here are a few selected (mostly) rock albums coming out this month. Enjoy some select death metal, and of course one from The Symbol himself:

March 7th
Mudhoney -- Under a Billion Suns (The other former Green River-ites have an album coming soon too! Can't wait!)
Juvenile -- Reality Check (his 1st post- Cash Money release!)
Neko Case -- Fox Confessor Brings the Flood
Revolting Cocks -- Cocked and Loaded
Van Morrison -- Pay the Devil (Hmmm......)

March 14st
Sepultura -- Dante XXI (In Europe only?? U.S. release might be the following week)
Hard-Fi -- Stars of CCTV
Big City Rock -- Big City Rock
Belle & Sebastian -- Late Night Tales (Go Scotland!!)
Kudu -- Death of the Party
Katatonia -- The Great Cold Distance
Babyshambles -- Down in Albion (Included w/ free drugs from Pete Doherty?? I'll take Kate Moss instead!!)

March 21st
Hurt -- Volume 1
Boysetsfire -- The Misery Index: Notes From the Plague Years
From First to Last -- Heroine
Prince -- 3121 (possibly recorded on Lake Minnetonka with the Minnesota ViQueens??)
Band of Horses -- Everything All the Time
Ben Harper -- Both Sides of the Gun
Cannibal Corpse -- Kill

March 28
Faktion -- Faktion
Atreyu -- A Deathgrip on Yesterday
Rob Zombie -- Educated Horses (I'll be seeing him @ the Val Air in April!)
Rammstein -- Rosenrot
Yeah Yeah Yeah's -- Show Your Bones (Glad they're back!)
T.I. -- King
Madder Mortem -- Desiderada
Fragments of Unbecoming -- Sterling Black Icon