Monday, March 30, 2009

Asher Roth - 'I Love College'

'I Love College' is the slacker rap tune that has been quickly sweeping the nation. With an undeniable proposition as its lyrical theme, 'I Love College' is a fist-pumping anthem for current students, and a nostalgic reminder of great times past for graduates now in the workplace.

You can watch the music video below:

And if you ever get sick of beer pong and late night parties (unlikely, I know), try giving online bingo a try. Although I wouldn't recommend trying online bingo after beer pong or a late night party, you might win a lot of cash and not even know it.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Artist Spotlight: Marina And The Diamonds

Marina and the Diamonds has been on my "to blog about" list for a couple of months now. The indie-blog circuit is notorious for burning out on bands in less time than that, but the buzz on Marina is still fresh, and still growing.

The UK chanteuse's debut single 'Obsessions' was released on Valentine's Day. The song sprouts from a heartfelt, little piano ballad into a full-fledged dance track in only 3.5 minutes.

This single's been in my rotation enough lately that you could likely say I have developed a bit of my own "obsession."

Besides, doesn't she seem rather adorable? Just watch the video below:

Be sure to visit Marina and the Diamonds on MySpace for more great tunes and info.

Friday, March 20, 2009

NIN|JA = More Free Nine Inch Nails

Trent Reznor can't stop giving his music away for free.

His band, Nine Inch Nails, is ready to embark on a nationwide tour with the reunited Jane's Addiction and with Tom Morello's new project, Street Sweeper.

As a taste of things to come, the tour's website is offering NIN|JA - a free sampler EP featuring brand new songs from all three bands.

Tracks are as follows:

1) Jane's Addiction - 'Chip Away'
2) Nine Inch Nails - 'Not So Pretty Now'
3) Street Sweeper - 'Clap For The Killers'
4) Jane's Addiction - 'Whores'
5) Nine Inch Nails - 'Non-Entity'
6) Street Sweeper - 'The Oath'

Click HERE to download the sampler for yourself.

Back in 2008, the prolific Reznor released a four-volume instrumental Nine Inch Nails album, Ghosts I-IV, for just $5. The first disc could be downloaded for free.

Three months later NIN released another full album, The Slip, entirely for free.

A month after that, a tour sampler - Lights in the Sky. It featured songs from supporting acts like Deerhunter and Crystal Castles. That EP was also free.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A.C. Newman - 'The Palace at 4 a.m.'

A.C Newman, of New Pornographers fame, recently released Get Guilty. The album contains several noteworthy cuts, emblematic of the glossy sound N.P. is already known for.

One such track is 'The Palace at 4 a.m.' You can stream it below:

The Palace at 4 AM - A.C. Newman

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Monday, March 09, 2009

The Mentalists Cover MGMT Using Only iPhone Apps

In this clip, UK band The Mentalists cover MGMT's 'Kids' using various iPhone/iPod Touch apps.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Kutiman Mixes YouTube Clips On 'ThruYou'

Today's world is the Age of YouTube - a time when anyone with a webcam and a dream can become an overnight celebrity sensation. Everybody is a star. Come get your fifteen minutes of fame.

For every band with an official music video you can find a dozen live snippets, recorded by rabid, camera phone-wielding fans. And for every shaky, pixelated concert clip, there are a dozen more videos. Teenagers, singing their little hearts out to their favorite record in hopes of wooing new fans of their own.

The bedroom mirror has been replaced by a computer screen, the hairbrush by a digital microphone. A million home recordings reaching out to an endless audience from behind locked doors. Everybody's so connected, and yet so many feel more alone than ever.

If you ever wanted to learn to tune a guitar or play the djembe, there's a 5-minute home movie tutorial just for you. The web is saturated with amateur artists on the brink of success.

Modern technology has made it possible for a thousand DJs to mash-up old songs into new ones. The internet has made it a reality for musicians from around the globe to collaborate on projects and share digital recordings with an audience that could never have existed a decade ago.

ThruYou could very well be the next leap - a genius music experiment from Israeli multi-instrumentalist/producer, Kutiman. Kutiman doesn't merely jump on the bandwagon, but rather takes the medium of sampling to a new level. And while he is by no means the first video-mashup artist on the scene, Kutiman has offered a unique perspective on a common idea.

After searching out countless numbers of unrelated amateur YouTube clips, Kutiman painstakingly edited and mixed them together into seven cohesive new music videos, creating something refreshingly new altogether.

As you watch the finished product, ThruYou, witness an enormous cast of soloists being sewn together into one common entity. The result is a triumph which brings the world just a little bit closer together through the shared love of music.

Click HERE to check out Kutiman's ThruYou mixes.

Click HERE to visit Kutiman's Official MySpace page.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Chester French - 'She Loves Everybody'

I was first acquainted with duo Chester French and their INCREDIBLE eighties throwback 'She Loves Everybody' a few late nights ago while watching MTV Hits. The melody immediately grabbed me, and I have been hooked ever since. It has clapping, synth, and most importantly, attitude. I have a feeling, this song will be blowing up soon (hopefully).

Stream 'She Loves Everybody' below:

She Loves Everybody - Chester French

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Soulja Boy - 'Kiss Me Through the Phone'

'Kiss Me Through the Phone' is a mad song, but the video is just slightly cheesy. (Specifically, the end).

In any event, stream the vid below and enjoy this hoppin' tune for what it's worth:

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