Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Deerhunter - 'Snakeskin'

Bradford Cox's eccentric vocals have always been a welcome addition to Deerhunter's music, and 'Snakeskin' is no exception.  The song exudes swagger and braggadocio throughout its arrangement, specifically in its jutting guitar riffs.  And Cox takes a play from the Scott Weiland speak-into-a-mega-phone-a-la-Dead-and-Bloated playbook, which adds a delightful touch.

Watch the video to 'Snakeskin' from the band's 2015 album, Fading Frontier, below:

Sunday, February 21, 2016

The 1975 - 'Love Me'

Put 'Cult of Personality,' INXS, Peter Gabriel's 'Big Time' and the sensuality of Prince all in a blender, and 'Love Me' by British band The 1975 would be the inevitable result.

This band doesn't require any pomp from me; they have been racing up the charts recently and performed very well on SNL only a few weeks ago.  But I will say that the music video does a great job of capturing the zeitgeist of the current state of the Internet Age.

Watch 'Love Me' in the player below:  [Video removed due to request from copyright holder].

Chastity Belt - 'Time to Go Home'

Oh how so happy I have been to finally see the pendulum begin swaying back toward the raw, guitar-heavy sounds that were once so prominent two decades ago.  Yes, indie rock is starting to see a resurgence of Grunge-inspired bands and anthems, and I am a major cheerleader for such a development.  (Refer to the relative success of Courtney Barnett if you remain unconvinced that there is a hunger for gritty, punk-inspired rock).

Previously, we had posted on Speedy Ortiz, whose sounds certainly embody the sounds of that time.  Today, we present to you 'Time to Go Home' by Walla Walla-based (of course) Chastity Belt.  And while Speedy's sound tends to gravitate more toward the Veruca Salt side of the grunge-revival spectrum, Chastity Belt bolts directly for Sonic Youth territory.

'Time to Go Home' starts off slow and moody, but quickly adds some rapidity to the mix, ending on a steady, accelerating gait.

Watch the video to 'Time to Go Home' below: