Saturday, November 22, 2014

Robert DeLong - 'Long Way Down'

'Long Way Down' by Robert DeLong is a clever amalgam of electronica, hip hop, rock, and pop.  It oscillates between both wooden and balladeering vocals, with some auto-tune sprinkled inbetween. A very chilled cadence serves as a reassuring beat all-throughout.  The end result is irresistible.

Stream the audio to 'Long Way Down' in the player below:

Meg Myers - 'Desire'

Probably one of the more visceral singles currently on alt-rock rotation, 'Desire' is the brilliant siren from Tennessee-born Meg Myers.

Why is the song so great?

First, it blends just the right amount of industrial beats with focused, intense lyrical stylings.

Second, the melody is--plain and simple--sensual and seductive;  indeed, the narrator exclaims, very plaintively, 'I want to f*** you.'

Third, the track's tenor and attitude serve as the very embodiment of its title:  desire.  The meter of the lyrics and arrangement is one of concentration and fixation all throughout the entire production.

Watch the video for 'Desire' in the music player below:  

St. Lucia - 'Elevate'

Capturing the Zeitgeist of current indie rock, St. Lucia's 'Elevate' is heavy on the synth rhythms and light on the pop hooks.  In fact, just a few bars of the beginning may lead you to believe you are watching a classic John Hughes film.  

There are other bands that also implement the sound:  Bear Hands and Future Islands are just a couple. Nevertheless, 'Elevate' is still a quality single.  It even has a sound reminiscent of Miami Sound Machine at the end.  (Yes, that's a good thing).  

Stream the video to 'Elevate' in the player below: