Saturday, September 30, 2006

New Damien Rice Track Listing

From Billboard:

Irish Singer/songwriter Damien Rice has set a Nov. 14 release date for his sophomore effort, "9." To be issued on Vector/Warner Brothers and Rice's own music imprint Heffa, the 10-track set is the follow-up to 2003's "O."

View the tracklisting for 9 here.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

ObliqSound Remixes Vol. 2 Preview

From the official press release, initial details of the new ObliqSound remix album:

Independent New York/Hamburg based imprint ObliqSound teams upwith famed industrial designer Karim Rashid to re-envision the CD design for the2nd installment of label’s remix compilation series The ObliqSound Remixes Vol.2. The set features stand-out selections from the label’s eclectic roster ofartists (including Renovation Unlimited, Tama Waipara, Grand Pianoramax andGilfema - featuring emerging West-African guitarist/vocalist Lionel Loueke) brilliantly re-worked by a world class collection of contemporary musicinnovators such as Osunlade, Mark de Clive Lowe, Matthew Herbert, NuspiritHelsinki, Truby Trio, Atjazz and more. Due for release October 2006, the 12-track compendium also includes a bonus disc of the original recordings andbonus material.

Below, I've posted a stream to track #2. It is quite fetching. Additionally, you can download the actual MP3 here.

TONY DEVIVO - 'Percussion Suite (Osunlade Yoruba Peoples Remix)'

Beck's 'Movie Theme'

'Movie Theme' is from Beck's 10th album The Information. The entire disc is a spellbounding expedition into the uncharted territories of Beck's innermost psyche, but I find this track to be the most enchanting:

Beck - 'Movie Theme'

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Damon Albarn to Release and Delete New Single October 30

From NME, quirky news about Damon Albarn's new album:

It will be released and deleted the same day Damon Albarn's new band The Good, The Bad And The Queen are set to release their debut single 'Herculean' on October 30.

The track will be available on CD and 7" and deleted on the day of release.

As previously reported by NME.COM, the artwork for the single has been created by the band's bassist - former Clash member Paul Simonon.

The group are set to play their first ever gig at London's Roundhouse on October 26 as part of the BBC's Electric Proms.

The show sold out in half-an-hour and was the fastest-selling show in the history of the venue.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

In the Mix: An Interview with Bobby Martini

v. To take elements of two or more pre-existing pieces of music and combine them to make a new song.
n. A song comprised of elements of two or more pre-existing pieces of music.

This dictionary explanation of a mash-up is among the first things one will see upon visiting the website of British DJ Bobby Martini. The subheading stands as a reference point for any newcomer to this growing form of music. A successful 'mash' will combine two or more songs together in such a way that it will stand on its own, as a valid piece of music. It takes an astute ear to find songs that fit perfectly together, and mix them together so they sound like they were meant to be one song all along.

For years, DJs have been mixing alternative versions of songs, and would often seg live between tracks by fading, and mashing, two songs together. Now, mash-ups have proved themselves to be worthy of hearing on their own terms. DJ Danger Mouse brought public attention to mash-ups with his highly talked-about Grey Album - in which he mashed songs from Jay Z's Black Album with the Beatles' White Album. Today, Bobby Martini is one of many DJs specializing in mash-ups, and since I first came across his website earlier this summer, he has become one of my favorites. Martini even took a song that I'm not terribly fond of (Pussycat Dolls' "Buttons"), and mixed it with one of my favorite Madonna tracks ("Secret") to form one of the catchiest songs I've heard all year - which he appropriately titled "Secret Buttons."

Recently, Mr. Martini was nice enough to answer some questions that I had for him.

Bobby Martini - 'Lullabye In Your Eyes (The Cure vs Peter Gabriel)'

How long have you been doing mash-ups, and what influenced you to start?

Bobby: Strictly speaking I have only been doing proper mash-ups since May this year (2006) but I first started 'mixing' as it were back in the mid 80's. I was a huge fan of mega-mixes then and used to attempt quite a few using the basics (old cassette recorder, turntable etc.). Nothing ever came of it as most of my work was only ever heard by friends and family. Some of it did get played at local clubs but nothing to get excited about. I decided to start doing mashups because a mate of mine had pointed me in the direction of a mashup site he visited. I thought 'I can do that' - Got some software and just started doing what I have wanted to do for quite a few years now. I have had some really positive feedback so far so I guess I'll stick at it.

Tae: What is your favorite part about making music? Your favorite part of the mash-up process?

Bobby: There is no better feeling than when you put 2 different pieces together and they just gel immediately. Sometimes it can take ages before you find the right ingredients but when it does it's just awsome. A great example would be my mash of 'Lullaby In Your Eyes' (Cure vs Peter Gabriel). I took the Cure instrumental and just placed the Gabriel vocal on top. I knew I had something special straight away. You just get that 'right' mix and it's a great feeling.

Tae: How do you choose which songs to use? Is there a point when you know you want to mix two songs together?

Bobby: I don't have any set procedure so to speak. Quite often I will have a mash in mind that I think will work perfectly but in practice won't work at all. I also like to get ideas from friends and fans. Some of my best work has been ideas from other people. Like most mashup artists, what you mash depends on what is available. So often you know that a certain track will blend perfectly with another but you can't get an instrumental version of it or an acapella of another. I know there is software out there that can strip this and isolate that but I have yet to find anything that does a really great job . I like to try things that are a little bit different if possible. I'm working on something at the moment that will show this in no uncertain terms!

Tae: If you had one artist/group you had to use in every mix, who would you choose?

Bobby: Peter Gabriel - everytime. In fact some would say I have overdone him already, but tough! More to come from Pete I'm afraid. For me, personally, he is the greatest rock artist of all time - who continually delivers the goods everytime - bloody excellent live too!

Tae: What's next for you to remix?

Bobby: Without giving too much away... A Classic British Rock Act vs A Classic British Video Game... trust me, it's gonna be good.

I have no doubt that it WILL be good. Thanks again to Bobby for his time. Be sure to check out his website for more information, and to listen to his whole catalog of mash-ups!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Rumor Mill: Tori Amos = Deity?

Could it be Orpheus? Thamyris? Though I confess I'm no expert, I still feel that this recently discovered piece of antiquity would argue that Ms. Amos' music transcends the boundaries of space and time.

Tori Amos - Caught A Lite Sneeze

(Thank you Lonely Note devotee, Cal, for the contribution. Source?)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Jet - 'Kings Horses'

Happy Friday all! Here is a ballad from Jet's forthcoming Shine On. It's only a small taste of the new album; but still a tasty morsel.

Jet - 'Kings Horses'

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blossoming Artist Mike Borgia

We at the Lonely Note were recently made aware of Mike Borgia. I've included 'Let You Down,' and an excerpt from his press release lies below:

Mike Borgia is about to release his 4th album – Issues to Egos. Originally from New York City, Mike is living in Raleigh, NC but has plans of moving to Chicago in the near future. His music is smart, catchy, and well put together- definitely worth listening to. Taking inspiration from Chris Whitley and Jeff Buckley, but also early metal such as Metallica and Slayer, Mike's music is often compared with that of Death Cab for Cutie, Elvis Costello and of course, Jeff Buckley.

Playing music to pay for college, it was only a hobby then, but today believes strongly it is really what he was destined to do. Graduating with a perfect 4.0 and a degree in Business and Marketing, he felt he would be doing that instead of strumming his guitar and swooning the world with his lyrics. Fortunately for us, Mike realized he hated the whole suit and tie deal. "Being quite the non-conformist, I learned a lot about the 9-5 world and how vacuous it can be. I stopped listening to my parents and gave my life to music."

And thankfully for us he did. You can find out more about Mike by visiting his official website.

Mike Borgia - 'Let You Down'

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ted's Song of the Week - 9/19/06


For a short time in the mid-90's, the British group known as Elastica made a major splash on the alternative scene. Their eponymous debut album yielded popular singles like "Stutter" and "Connection," which led to popularity on both sides of the pond. Life was good for Elastica, as they became the hottest young group of their genre. It would seem that things could only go up after garnering a spot on the 1995 Lollapalooza tour.

Unfortunately, the glory was fleeting as this promising group failed to come up with a respectable follow-up. Their 2000 release of The Menace didn't provide the critical acclaim needed to stay afloat in the constantly-evolving world of music.

Despite their short stint at the top, Elastica was able to create a song that will constantly remain a favorite in my library. "Connection" clocks in at just under two and a half minutes, but the raw sass of this track more than makes up for it's brevity.

Elastica - Connection

Monday, September 18, 2006

Rolling Stone Interview With Lukas Rossi

Lukas Rossi is the latest winner of CBS' Rock Star: Supernova. He will now be the lead singer of the band that Jason Newsted, Gilby Clark, and Tommy Lee are also a member of.

You can read an interview with Rossi that was recently featured on here.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Scissor Sisters - 'Paul McCartney'

On the Scissor Sisters' debut, the band paid homage to Pink Floyd with their trippy cover of 'Comfortably Numb.' On Ta-Dah the band again honors another artist by naming track number nine after Sir Paul.

'Paul McCartney' is a funky, disco-revival tune whose musical content seems to have nothing to do with any of the Beatles' catalog, but one in which the lyrics reveal a possible infatuation with the pop icon. In the words of Jake Shears: "Is it the music that connects me to you?" Listen below to find out:

Scissor Sisters - 'Paul McCartney'

PS: While we're on the subject of The Beatles, here's another great song from another great Beatle---John Lennon's 'Instant Karma'---just because I feel like posting it ;)

John Lennon - 'Instant Karma'

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What's in a Name?

Have you ever listened to your favorite band and wondered where they got their name? Some groups simply settled for whatever was within arm's reach, like Everclear, but others found a number of different ways to create a moniker that would ring through the venues. Whether it was pop culture (Veruca Salt) or insults (Garbage), these musicians have come across some bizarre inspirations to label their respective units.

For a great site on band names, click here.

Girl Sues Buckcherry, Alleges Coercion

In a lawsuit recently filed by a 16-year-old Jane Doe, the plaintiff alleges Buckcherry served her shots of alcohol and then lured her to a club where she was coerced into "making a pornographic video." The band had posted a notice on the teen-frequented Myspace for fans to attend the shoot, offering free food and alcohol.

Buckcherry's attorney Skip Miller has defended the band, claiming the girl forged her age on a release form, claiming to be 18. The plaintiff maintains she was never asked to provide her age.

In June, the plaintiff's mother had called Atlantic, Buckcherry's record label, in an attempt to halt the release of the lewd video her daughter was involved in. However, it was released anyway.

The lawsuit's main complaint is that the airing of the video caused the teen emotional distress.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ted's Song of the Week - 9/12/06

There has always been a consistency problem with Ted's Song of the Week, but it never fails that I make up for it by throwing a bevy of music at the readers from time to time. On this occasion, I decided to use a theme to introduce the latest in my listening.

When I'm not busy doing my day job and/or listening to music, I watch a ton of movies. My tastes in film are similar to that of my music, which is to say diverse and weird at times. That being said, my latest songs of the week will focus on the soundtracks of some movies I have watched over the years. Some of the movies were great and some were only slightly alright, but the music that accompanied these films are solid gold in my collection. As always, enjoy!

Trainspotting OST

First and foremost, Trainspotting ranks up there on my top ten list. Despite its disturbing subject material and colorful dialogue, the movie is a masterpiece of life on the other side of the tracks. A pre-Star Wars Ewan McGregor plays Renton, a drug-addled protagonist, who finds that kicking a heroin addiction is harder than it seems. Already sounds like something to watch with the family, doesn't it?

The Trainspotting soundtrack is already stellar with the contributions of icons like
Lou Reed and Iggy Pop, but one of my favorite songs would have to be Sleeper's cover of the Blondie classic "Atomic." It comes on during one of my favorite scenes when Renton decides to pursue and seduce a mystery girl in the discotheque.

Sleeper - Atomic

Maybe Tomorrow
Crash OST

One of the best films of 2005 benefited from the second greatest closing song ever. Best closing song honors go to Orbital's "Halcyon + On + On" off of the campy video game film Mortal Kombat. However, "Maybe Tomorrow" does a fantastic job of summing up the spirit of this film with its optimistic attitude that things can get better.

"Maybe Tomorrow" has also been featured on the Wicker Park soundtrack, but since I haven't seen that film, I cannot honestly say if the song was utilized to its fullest potential. It probably doesn't matter, because the song is just that good.

Stereophonics - Maybe Tomorrow

Talk Show Host
Romeo + Juliet OST

(sigh) Not one of my greatest choices in film-watching, but certainly not my worst. Baz Luhrmann does possess the unique talent of creating movies that are unlike any films being made in Hollywood. Moulin Rouge is a prime example of this observation.

Leo was launched into super-stardom with his performance in Titanic, he played the infatuated Romeo to Claire Danes' Juliet. While these starcrossed lovers battled the odds to be together, they were fortunate to have Radiohead contribute an excellent B-side to the soundtrack.

"Talk Show Host" is a slightly depressing track, but it was placed well within the film, as it serves to create a desolate mood when Romeo mopes around the boardwalk.

Radiohead - Talk Show Host

Monday, September 11, 2006

Kasabian's 'Shoot the Runner'

Wolfmother meets Jet, 'Shoot the Runner' is an athematic ditty contained on Kasabian's forthcoming Empire. Sounding very much like an Anglo bar jig, the lyrics are equally simple, but quite catchy all the same. The stream lies below:

Kasabian - 'Shoot the Runner'

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Warped Super Mario Bros Picture

Here's a disturbing take of the cyberworld we all grew to love in the 80s:
(Click on the picture itself for a full size version)

Who knew that Mario and Luigi were so vicious?

Saturday, September 09, 2006

A New Decemberists Track

Here is a track from the forthcoming The Crane Wife that is to be released by The Decemberists this October:

The Decemberists - 'When the War Came'

Friday, September 08, 2006

News from the Land of Deftones

Deftones have just announced the cover art for their upcoming 5th album, Saturday Night Wrist, due out on Halloween. The atmospheric art-metal band's first single is titled 'Hole in the Earth,' and is currently available for download on iTunes. The group recently finished filming a music video for the track, which is to be aired in the next couple weeks.

I always look forward to hearing new material from these guys, and can say that I am particularly fond of the faded, vinyl-style cover art this time around.

Can't wait til the end of October to hear the new material? Check out the official Deftones Media Player here.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The New Barbie: Gwen Stefani Dolls

It's what every Y2k kid will be yearning for this holiday season. No, it's not an iPod. And no, it's not a Playstation 3. It's dolls modeled after--you guessed it--ska/pop star Gwen Stefani! Stefani says of her new marketing ploy:
"I thought the dolls would be a good opportunity to capture some of the key looks from the album and the tour. The Harajuku girls and I wore such wicked costumes we had to share them with the world again."

Wicked indeed.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Radio Update

Today was spent updating our radio station, and we now have 30 new songs in the rotation. Check it out when you have the chance.

'Crocodile Hunter' Killed in Australia

Although this does not qualify as music news, it is indeed a sad story. 44 year old Steve Irwin, better known as The Crocodile Hunter, died today after being stung by a stingray. Irwin was filming a documentary in northeastern Australia when he was stung swimming over top of a stingray. The barb from the ray pierced his chest through his heart, and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

From when he first came to fame in 1992, myself, along with many of you I'm sure, grew up watching his fearless antics and listening to his deep Australian accent. In a world sometimes full of pain and suffering, it was always comforting to know that somebody out there enjoyed life as much as he did. Much like the late painter Bob Ross (I'm a huge fan of his), he always brought a smile to my face when I would see him on tv. Although he would at times seem careless in his work, you always felt a sense of calm knowing he was in control. What you can't dispute was his love for animals and the outdoors. His name was synonomous with nature, and nature will sure miss his enthusiasm and love.

He died doing what he loved, and the world loved watching him do it. Rest in peace Crocodile Hunter. The world has lost a great man in Steve Irwin. Crikey.