Friday, September 28, 2012

Sky Ferreira - "Everything is Embarrassing"

Sky Ferreira's latest single, "Everything is Embarrassing", is one sumptuous slice of indie electropop.  The lyrics are memorable, the beats are fresh and the hook is undeniably classic.

"Everything is Embarrassing" is to be featured on Ferreira's upcoming, October 2nd EP, "Ghost".  The EP is intended as a lead-up to her debut album, "I'm Not Alright", which is scheduled for released late this year.

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Monday, September 03, 2012

Forgotten Gem: Ash - 'Burn Baby Burn'

In 2001, I played Ash's 'Burn Baby Burn' incessantly on my portable music device.  Not quite emo, not quite punk, not quite grunge, 'Burn Baby Burn' was a thrash guitar-laden anthem incorporating power pop vocals, all within a strict three-and-a-half time limit.

By contemporary standards, 'Burn Baby Burn' might sound like an All-American Rejects rip-off.  But back in 2001, the tune seemed innovative to me, and I remember it garnering some decent radio airplay here in the States.

For old times sake, you can watch the video to 'Burn Baby Burn' below:

Forgotten Gem: Ween - 'Freedom of '76'

Ween was panned for not taking rock music very seriously.  But in 1994, when the duo released Chocolate and Cheese, critics took another look.  Was it possible to successfully fuse humor with decent songwriting?  The album seemed to answer that question in the affirmative.  

'Freedom of '76' is a track from Chocolate that, on the face of it, is a quasi-parody of seventies soul, but that serves as a solid chillwave predecessor in the end.

Stream 'Freedom of '76' in the player below: