Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Nine Black Alps - Shot Down

OK...so that post a few days ago about Nine Black Alps? Well, since then, I have spun their latest single "Shot Down" about two hundred times on my iTunes. And now it is time to share the wealth! By clicking here you will be taken to Nine Black Alps's official site where you can download a couple of their live tracks for free, including the aforementioned "Shot Down." While these live versions aren't as cleaned up or crafted as the studio versions, they still capture the vibrance of the band...for the most part at least. Keep in mind that these downloads are totally legal since it is the band's site, and the only requirement is that you have a media player capable of playing .m4a files. iTunes plays .m4as, for example.

These guys are really rocking my world right now, and from what I've read up, they just got signed to Island Records not too long ago. They also finished playing at the South by Southwest tour and came off a tour with Kaiser Chiefs over in England.

Check this up and coming band out, and load up on some of their free tracks. If you like what you hear, try to acquire the studio version of their songs---they kick so much more ass.

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