Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ted's Song of the Week - 8/08/06

A Forest
The Cure
Seventeen Seconds

When I was still a fledgling Cure listener, I had received a copy of their greatest hits. While this may be seen as cheating to any die-hard fan, it is the quickest way to discover whether a band is worth further listening. Before this time, I had already dismissed the group as the catalysts of goth-rock, with an occasional fruity radio-friendly single. I was already acquainted with such hits as "Just Like Heaven" and "The Lovecats", but there was a majority of the band's catalogue I still had yet to hear. Fortunately, "A Forest" was the single that changed my perspective on the Cure within a matter of minutes.

For anyone who only knows of the Cure's later hits, I definitely recommend taking a listen to one of the group's early music. It's a haunting track that really highlights the versatility that the group is capable of.

The Cure - A Forest

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