Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Silverchair - 'Straight Lines'

Call me behind the times, but I had no idea that Silverchair had released a new record a couple or so months ago. Or, then again, maybe I did know that, but never paid the news much attention. (The band's music was never the same after the 'Year 2000' anthem song came out several years ago)

Regardless, while checking out the new releases on
Napster, I ran across this alleged new single from Silverchair's newest album Young Modern. The song is called 'Straight Lines,' and after a couple of listens it surprisingly begins to grow on you. While the energy of 'Straight Lines' pales in light of the band's previous smash hits ('Tomorrow' inevitably comes to mind) the track is a pleasant Adult Album Alternative offering, showcasing the band's evolution from teen rock sensation to committed progressive artistes.

Listen to 'Straight Lines' below:

Silverchair - 'Straight Lines'

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