Saturday, December 20, 2008

Metronomy - 'Heartbreaker'

Britain's Metronomy is at the height of its game on the indietastic, dance-rock anthem, 'Heartbreaker.'

Squelching keyboards and a funky bassline lay the foundation for frontman Joseph Mount's reassuring lyrics. Tired of constantly having to pick his friend up after heartache, Mount sings,
"I've been down, time and time again. The girl's no good, for me and you. She hurts me too."

It's a pretty spot-on ode to bromance for anyone who's ever played the sounding board in a friendship.

The track breaks down into a groove of handclaps and saxophone, with whistling to boot! It's definitely one of the catchier tunes I've heard in the past few months.

just released its sophomore album, Nights Out in September. Give 'Heartbreaker' a spin below, and visit
Metronomy's official website and myspace to check out more from the band.

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