Sunday, April 05, 2009

Ben Folds - 'Not the Same'

A few weeks ago I finally attended my first Ben Folds concert. To be sure, Mr. Folds is the consummate live performer, so it was a privilege to finally witness his skills up close. During the concert Folds explained that nearly all of his songs are based off of real life stories he, himself, has experienced.

'Not the Same' is no exception. Legend has it this song was written about a guy Folds witnessed going on an acid trip, climbing a tree while hallucinating, and the next day abruptly becoming a devout Christian.

"You took a trip and climbed a tree
At Robert Sledge's party/
And there you stayed 'till morning came
And you were not the same after that."

The song, not only contains a riveting back story, but has a great pop hook as well.

Stream 'Not the Same' below (click on the song title in the widget to access the full track):

Not The Same - Ben Folds

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