Thursday, May 07, 2009

Manchester Orchestra - 'I've Got Friends'

If you listen to only the first forty-five seconds of Manchester Orchestra's 'I've Got Friends,' you probably won't feel very intrigued. The innocuous intro sounds all too similar to the other dime-a-dozen, earthy indie bands that currently grace the underground music scene.

But 'I've Got Friends' isn't for the music listener with a brief attention span. Beyond the initial dormancy of the introduction, the song quickly splits into multiple layers. It cleverly juxtaposes the softs and louds, and the highs and lows. As the chorus breaks into its pleading scream, it is hard to realize that the gentle song you thought it originally was has so seamlessly morphed into the alluring anthem you find yourself passionately singing along to.

You can stream 'I've Got Friends' below:

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