Monday, July 13, 2009

Jay-Z - 'Death of Auto-Tune'

Jay-Z takes it back to the golden age of jazz in his newest single and corresponding music video. As it's title suggests, 'Death of Auto-Tune' is a verbal backlash against hip-hop's current addiction to the now ubiquitous studio recording feature.

Attempting to single-handedly save rap, Jay-Z masterfully mixes in soulful clarinet with a sonic drum beat--in other words, he goes old school. And as always, Jay-Z reproves his lyrical genius with such zingers as:

You rappers singing too much, get back to rap you T-Paining too much.


I know we facing a recession, but the music y’all making going make it the Great Depression.

The video also features a couple of cameos from a couple of well-known actors and athletes. But I'll let you watch the video on your own to find out who the guests turn out to be.

Watch 'Death of Auto-Tune' below:

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Charon said...

I'm really feeling this song..if you like this then you should also check out another new artist. Marina Chello...peep the video for her single "sideline"

Anonymous said...

Oh Marina is incredible. She also has another new single coming out soon that she posted on MySpace:

Anonymous said...

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