Sunday, October 11, 2009

Owl City = Teddy Ruxpin?

Owl City, the brainchild of musician Adam Young, has been blowing up lately with the Death Cab-style hit, 'Fireflies.'

Recently, Owl City played to a packed house at a local venue, thanks in part to a surge in radio airplay. And it's no surprise; the single is catchy and whimsical, reminding me of growing up during the '80s.

And then, late last night, it hit me. The song sounds like it should have been the theme to The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin.

Remember Teddy Ruxpin?? Teddy was the animatronic, storytelling bear who was equally as creepy as he was lovable, and took over the good part of a decade with his popular toy line, cartoon, and live action TV series. His gentle voice and good-natured adventures wooed a whole generation of youngsters.

I hadn't thought of Teddy Ruxpin in a very long time, but something about Owl City definitely reminds me of him. There's a definite nostalgia in the song, a reminder of simpler times. After watching the official video to 'Fireflies,' I have to wonder if this connection was intentional.

Watch them both below, and let me know if I'm off my rocker.

Owl City - 'Fireflies' (official video, via YouTube)

Teddy Ruxpin - television intro theme

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Steve said...

Commerical for Teddy Ruxbin. Features his Owl City-like voice.

Steve said...

Here's another:

Erika said...

Hi ! I know it's been a while that this post has been written and I know in France the hour to write the comment i'm writing is totally crazy, but I was watching (AGAIN) Fireflies video (cause I definitely LOVE this song!) and I saw the Teddy Ruxpin on the bed and... This vision hit me right in the heart ! 'Cause I had a teddy Ruxpin as a toy when I was a child, and I LOVED it, I was almost in love with this little bear (that WASN'T sexual, no jokes !) and finding this cuddly toy I loved in this video that I love too is TOO awesome (or maybe that's because it's 4am here and I'm so tired that I'm turning crazy dunno -__-) ANYWAY to link my comment to your post, I think indeed that sounds used by Owl City are like our toys and video games'sounds, that's why I love what this man do so much ! You were right !
Now i go to bed.
Sorry for my poor POOR english, and good night, happy new year, etc. etc.

Bonne nuit !