Thursday, December 03, 2009

Nick Heyward - 'Warning Sign'

Happy December everybody!

While the tenor of our site has been forward looking as of late, today we turn the lens backwards, and take it old school.

Nick Heyward was something of a new wave sensation in the UK during the early eighties. His band, Haircut 100, had plowed up the charts with the single, 'Love Plus One.' (See video here).

Abruptly, and amidst the band's fresh success, Heyward nevertheless left the band to go solo in 1983. Some accounts attribute Heyward's departure to his desire to shed the teenage veneer Haircut 100 had attained in the eyes of music critics at the time.

By the time 1986 rolled around, Heyward's solo endeavors had auspiciously molded the artist into the more mature and credible musician Heyward had hoped to achieve when he left Haircut 100 previously. In the same year, Heyward released Postcards From Home. 'Warning Sign' was featured on Postcards, even though 'Warning Sign' had been previously released as a single in 1984.

Although Postcards, in contrast to Heyward's other work, received horrible reviews, 'Warning Sign' is a brilliant pop canticle. It features an addictive hook, driving guitars, and welcome backing vocals that compliment Heyward's Rick Astley-esque croon.

Unfortunately, the video doesn't match the song's audio brilliance, and it leaves a lot to be desired.

Nevertheless, the video is worth a spin simply to become privy to the audio splendidness that is 'Warning Sign.'

Stream Nick Heyward's 'Warning Sign' below. (Unfortunately, the audio is faint on this particular stream, so you may have to crank up the stereo to fully hear the sound in this one).

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Miss L said...

I have to say that I loved Nick Heyward back in the 80's. I think I may even have had a poster of him on my bedroom wall!

mesmreyes said...

did we get Rick-rolled with this post Steve? I'm not so sure that Nick Heyward wasn't Astley in disguise...