Friday, April 02, 2010

Artist Spotlight: GLINT

Glint is a progressive electro-rock quintet hailing from New York City. The band's heavily layered, futuristic sonics have drawn comparisons to Muse, as both share a knack for bombastic rhythms and ethereal melodies.

I was first introduced to Glint last year when the song "Damaged Goods" was featured as an iTunes Free Discovery Download.

The group's new, self-titled EP features the single, "Freak." The track continues to follow the band's trademark for arena-sized synth anthems. You can preview the track below and download it for free.

GLINT - "Freak" (Radio Edit) mp3

Click HERE to watch a video of the band performing "Freak" live in concert.

Glint is currently on tour in the United States. For more information on the band and to learn where you can buy their music, visit

MP3 download provided courtesy of Big Hassle Publicity

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