Tuesday, June 29, 2010

06.29.2010 - The Lonely Note Twitter Buzz Recap

Here's a roundup of some of the music news we've posted on Twitter recently:

Top 5 Cover Songs By Chuck E. Cheese's Animatronic Band

Last Monday, Tae linked to an L.A. Weekly story discussing the "recent comeback" of the Chuck E. Cheese animatronic band that many children of yore have been dazzled (or terrified) by when visiting the popular children's entertainment chain.

So, what's the big deal about the Chuck E. Cheese band?  Apparently, there is a gentleman named Aaron Fechter who will program the animatronic band to perform any song you request for a fee.  The article features several Youtube clips of the animatronic performances, including covers of MGMT and Arcade Fire.   It is quite a sight.

Passion Pit Covers 'Tonight, Tonight'

Several days later, Tae kept the buzz going strong with a ripe pick from the indie cover tree.  Linking to the Levi's Pioneer Sessions, Tae steered us to a video of Passion Pit's Michael Angelakos recording his own rendition of the Smashing Pumpkins opus, 'Tonight, Tonight.'

A video of Angelakos recording the track is available at the Pioneer Sessions page.   In my estimation, this cover is one of the better ones I've heard as of late.

The Killers Bring Some Latin Flavor to Their Cover of 'Hotel California'

On Thursday, Steve jumped onto the indie covers bandwagon and led the Twitterverse to a Latin-style cover of the Eagles' superhit 'Hotel California.'  The tune was recorded to raise money for the APE Charity.

Although this cover isn't as spectacular as the Passion Pit cover of 'Tonight, Tonight,' the version is still worth at least one spin.

Bret Michaels to Replace Simon Cowell?

Friend of The Lonely Note, Bill Lamb, elaborated yesterday that Bret Michaels is a favorite to replace American Idol's outgoing judge, Simon Cowell.  Steve retweeted Bill's post.

Bret Michaels talked at length with Parade about why he should get the job as judge, and Paula Abdul stated that Bret would be "awesome" if chosen, according to Bill.

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