Friday, August 27, 2010

Usher - 'There Goes My Baby'

After Michael Jackson left us a little more than a year ago, it was hard to imagine anybody filling the void he left behind in any capacity whatsoever.

Although Usher (along with Ne-Yo) has been compared to MJ ever since he first broke out, "There Goes My Baby" channels the King of Pop in such a delicate and sophisticated way, one might easily confuse the song for "Human Nature" Part II, instead of the original track it truly is. Certainly, Usher has not ascended the same throne Jackson once reigned upon. But maybe--just maybe--Usher has at least carved out a sizeable fiefdom in the Kingdom of Pop with this latest single.

Watch the video for 'There Goes My Baby' below:

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1 comment:

dobrya said...

keen observation! how very true.