Friday, January 14, 2011

Music Inspired by the Motion Picture 'Deadfall'

If you've never seen the 1993 film, Deadfall, allow me to say you are missing out.

Don't get me wrong - Deadfall is by no means a great movie. In fact, it's not even a very good movie.

So what is it that's gotten this film so ingrained in my brain?

Is it the exhilarating narration from Michael Biehn's leading role? Is it James Coburn's double performance as twin brothers? Could it be the plot twist at the end or even the slick cameo appearance from Charlie Sheen as a pool shark?

Actually, no. It's not really any of those things that make Deadfall. It's the supporting role of Eddie the con man - as played by the one and only Nicolas Cage.

Now, Cage is considered a polarizing actor - loved and loathed by many alike. And while some question his continued success as a Hollywood leading man, others have seen his performance in Deadfall.

Cage plays Coburn's two-bit sidekick with such melodramatic zeal, it'll leave you stunned. From the moment Cage enters the picture with his greasy little mustache and signature card trick, he's the star - everything else is secondary.

Every line, every action Cage delivers as Eddie is entertaining. Most of his lines are expletives - shouted or mumbled in some strange accent. His character is so over-the-top that you have to wonder whether it was intended comic relief or just sheer genius.

While Deadfall lived up to its name and went unnoticed by most audiences, Cage's performance gained a niche following which has since grown to cult status.

This status has also been recognized within the music community.

One of my favorite live bands, The Pimps (aka: The Goodyear Pimps) have written songs titled "Someone's Tryin' to Kill Me, Man!" and "Hai Fuckin' Ya!" - both of which are quotes from the movie. If that sounds like coincidence, it should be noted the Rockford, Illinois band even has a video called "The Glorious Seventeen Minutes of Deadfall." You can watch the video below (NSFW):

In 1997, California hardcore punk band, Snot, recorded a song called "Deadfall," which details the entire plotline of the film in just over 2 minutes. The song's chorus calls out "Who sent'cha?!" and is responded to with a resounding "Sam Fuckin' Peckinpah!" - one of the film's most memorable lines. The song is available to stream below. Click here if you want to decipher the lyrics.

Snot Get Some 08 Deadfall .mp3

Found at bee mp3 search engine

If you can't wait any longer to watch Deadfall, let it be known that the movie is available on Netflix Instant Streaming. Or, you can just watch all of Cage's best moments condensed into this two-part "Worst Movie Scenes of All Time" video! Enjoy!

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