Saturday, March 26, 2011

Artist Spotlight: James Vincent McMorrow

Dublin singer/songwriter James Vincent McMorrow plays a brand of indie folk with harmonies akin to artists likes Bon Iver, Iron & Wine and Fleet Foxes.

McMorrow's slightly raspy falsetto whispers with soulful introspection and longing. His tone and delivery are quietly haunting and seductive.

Songs like "Follow You Down to the Red Oak Tree", "Down the Burning Ropes", and first single, "If I Had a Boat" weave a slow-burning, mysterious tension and intrigue.

McMorrow's self-recorded debut, Early in the Morning, was released in the UK a year ago, but just received stateside treatment in January 2011.

To set out with a batch of songs with such composure on a first record shows tremendous promise for the future of James Vincent McMorrow.

Listen to McMorrow's "If I Had a Boat" and "Down the Burning Ropes" below, and visit his
official website to learn more about this great new artist's music.

James Vincent McMorrow - If I Had a Boat .mp3

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James Vincent McMorrow - Down The Burning Ropes .mp3

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