Monday, November 19, 2012

The Rosebuds Cover Sade

Anyone who knows me knows I have a major soft spot for Sade.  

Sade's ultra-chill, smoothed-out R&B struck a chord with me very early in life.  Back in 1985, I would bob and sing along to "Smooth Operator" from the child booster seat in my parents' van.

So, when I heard that indie-rock act, The Rosebuds had covered her 1992 album, Love Deluxe, in its entirety - and released it for free -  I was delightfully curious to say the least.   

One listen to the opening track, "No Ordinary Love", and I realized what a beautiful tribute this is.  To cover an entire album so effortlessly, and with the depth of emotion found here must truly be an act of love and respect from the artists.

According to The Rosebuds' bandcamp page, they covered the album to commemorate its 20th anniversary:

"To say this album is a constant influence to The Rosebuds and the records we've made over the years would be an understatement. We’ve always been fans. Ivan’s been covering Sade songs since I’ve known him--he sings them in the house, he sings them while driving, he sings them with or without a guitar in hand, he sings them when he doesn’t even realize he’s singing aloud. It’s the language he hears music in."

You can download The Rosebuds' LOVE DELUXE below, and I whole-heartedly encourage you to do so.

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