Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Faye Webster - 'But Not Kiss'

Faye Webster could be this generation's Tori Amos.  Just as Tori was, in many ways, the 1990's Carole King, Faye uses her feminine experience to uniquely blend rock, country--and sometimes rap--to author some very authentic and vulnerable tunes.  

'But Not Kiss' depicts the classic battle between love and lust; the conflict between seeming too eager, versus trying to present oneself as being just out of reach to avoid the tremendous ache of rejection.  (Some old fashioned folks might simply call this "playing hard to get").

Beyond its lyrical implications, 'But Not Kiss' presents some tasty chord changes and ear worms as well. And for those who like piano singer-songwriters, this tune does not disappoint.

Watch the video for 'But Not Kiss' by Faye Webster in the player below:

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