Monday, January 24, 2005

'We Are the World' Re-Issue Set for 20th Birthday

"In addition, hundreds of radio stations around the globe are planning to broadcast the song on Friday at noon Eastern time to mark the 20th anniversary of the recording, organizers said on Monday. "

In brief music news "We Are the World" will be turning 20 years old on Friday. The famine combating song has raised over 60 million dollars since its original recording that has been used to help alleviate hunger in Africa.

According to the Yahoo! article, the song was almost never recorded:

A manager for one of the artists complained that "the rockers don't care for the song that much and they don't want to stand next to the non-rockers," co-organizer Kragen recounted. "They felt it was going to hurt their credibility."

In retrospect, it was most definitely good to see that the artists accepted differences and left their egos at the door. "We Are the World" helped clear the way for other music aid projects including the highly notable "Live Aid."

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