Saturday, November 26, 2005

And So the Holiday Season Begins

Well, another Thanksgiving has passed, and Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/(insert culturally relevant holiday here) is upon us. Having this last week off from school was nice, although I've spent most of it conducting research for a final research paper, in addition to slaving away for the Man at work. Musically, however, I've spent time catching up on some CDs I hadn't had the chance to listen to, and as it turned out, much of this music seemed to be carbon copies of their more famous counterparts.

On Tuesday I acquired the Fort Minor album. Fort Minor is Mike Shinoda's band, and it basically sounds exactly like Linkin Park sans Chester--which makes sense since Linkin Park is Shinoda's band too. Their disc isn't all that bad---it just sounds like Linkin Park recycled.

Al Stewart was one of my new-old finds of the week. Hearing 'Year of the Cat' on XM, I decided to check out the man's Greatest Hits disc since that particular song struck me in quite a positive way. In addition to 'Year of the Cat,' 'Carol,' and 'Lord Grenville' were a couple of other songs I found I possessed quite an affinity for. Critics of this artist may brand him a David Bowie copycat, but at least All Music Guide gave this album a full four and one half stars.

Finally, Giant's 'I'll See You in My Dreams' proved to be my cheesy listen-to of the week. Nevermind any of their other songs; I was content to to play this power ballad in repeat mode on Windows Media Player for days at a time. So all of you can enjoy this Foreigner decoy, I'll post the stream in the next post.

That's my week in a musical nutshell, and I hope to catch up on more music here in the near (a reliable source tells me Five Bolt Main is a band worth checking out). I'll keep you posted.

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