Saturday, November 26, 2005

Giant - 'I'll See You In My Dreams'

As promised, here's Giant's 'I'll See You In My Dreams.' This is really quite something else, and it makes me laugh almost everytime. Founded by former Christian rockers, Giant was an attempt at secular sucess. This song is the closest they ever came:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, I wanted to listen to this song for a long time, but wasn't able to get it in the net. Thanks Steve, but.. I was wondering why it makes you "laugh"?? I think it's a very nice song.


Anonymous said...

Great post. This a great song, especially for a nostalgic child of the eighties...hard to find new though!

Thanks Steve!

Anonymous said...

Great Tune. Up there with Eddie Moneys' Take Me Home Tonight. My 4 year old daughter sings it to me. It's our song

N Ireland