Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ted's Song of the Week - 10/03/06

Soft Machine

If NYC hipsters Interpol were to take Ritalin, you might get a taste of what the Teddybears sound like. With a mixture of poppy effects, varied vocalists and throbbing beats, this Swedish group has found an excellent recipe for a quality album. It comes as somewhat of a surprise, being that the group was formerly part of the Norwegian black metal scene in the early 90's. I guess it goes to show that there's a pop-junkie in even the most hardcore of musicians.

"Punkrocker" is one my personal favorites on the album. It is an infectious song that will have one chanting along to the chorus in no time. As a special bonus,
Iggy Pop guest-vocals on the track.

Fun Fact: Guitarist Joakim Ã…hlund also plays lead guitar for
The Caesars, the group that gave us "Jerk It Out" (From those insufferable iPod commercials).

Teddybears - Punkrocker

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