Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ted's Song of the Week - 10/11/06

Live To Win
Paul Stanley
Live To Win

If you happened to catch the latest episode of South Park, entitled "Make Love, Not Warcraft," you would have heard the latest from KISS guitarist/vocalist Paul Stanley during the hilarious montage sequence of the show. "Live to Win" is a guitar-driven dervish of arena-rock that would make Megadeth proud. If you ever need a cheesy pump-up track for the next sporting event, this is the song for you.

This is only the second solo effort from Stanley, but it may as well be his last. "Live to Win" is a catchy track, but it also sounds a bit forced. The lyrics are laughable and elementary. I have to wonder if Stanley even took this seriously. In a nutshell, this track is so bad that it's awesome. This isn't the first time that Stanley has tread down this road of mediocre greatness. His work on KISS's Psycho Circus is a prime example of this.

All in all, Paul Stanley should retire while he still has some some rock credibility. Otherwise, he'll have to rely on South Park to promote his wares.

To see the song put to use in South Park, click

Paul Stanley - Live To Win


Steve said...

That was an uber-cool episode.

Tae said...

That episode could be the end of the World... of Warcraft.

Great SOTW choice.

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