Saturday, December 09, 2006

Failure - 'Stuck on You'

Failure was by far one of the most unrecognized bands of the 1990s. Combining addictive choruses with driving guitar hooks, this post-grunge band was too often labled as a "Nirvana wanna-be," and subsequently its members never received the credit they deserved.

In 1996, the band went out with a bang and released their final album, Fantastic Planet. Anchored by such dirge-pop anthems as 'Sergeant Politeness,' 'Saturday Saviour,' and 'Smoking Umbrellas (MP3),' this swan song effort proved to be the favorite of many of their fans. Ultimately, it was the space-rockish 'Stuck on You (MP3)' that bound the LP together and proved to be the album's shining star.

Pushing its lyrical properties unto the listener through its music, the song begins with a seductive guitar loop that maintains and echoes itself throughout the entire track---slowly, but surely, getting "stuck on you." Compounded with lyrics like "You burrowed like a summer tic" and "You played yourself to death in me," 'Stuck on You' is not only a fetching refrain, but a profound love song as well.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic Planet didn't leave my cd player for a long time when it was first released.