Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Caught On Tape: Valentine's Day Edition

First and foremost, Happy Valentine's Day. I understand some of you may be celebrating whilst others are sulking in apathy to the utter commercialization of the holiday, but either way, I'm here to add that little extra something to your day.

The concept of love may be the single biggest inspiration in all of songwriting. Songs about love may easily date back to the dawn of man. And while countless songs continue to be written about the subject, we never grow tired of them. It's an emotional experience that everyone can relate to in one way or another, and something that continues to baffle minds and break hearts. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but speaking from experience...

Now, I could have easily taken the nihilistic approach and posted something like Cannibal Corpse's "F$&%#@ with a Knife;" however, I've chosen the high ground, and picked a song that is dear to my heart. That song is Pet Shop Boys' "Love Comes Quickly," from their phenomenal 1986 album Please.

One of my personal favorites - particularly within the PSB catalog, "Love Comes Quickly" is an optimistic song for anyone who hasn't found a special someone. I was going to post the original music video to the song, but then I found this awesome live performance from London's Wembley Arena, and my mind was made. If you're one of those people who thinks love will never get to you, don't fret. Sooner or later, this happens to everyone.

Pet Shop Boys - "Love Comes Quickly" (Live at Wembley Arena, 1989)

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Anonymous said...

ok, so you know how i feel about this unwavering commitment you have to the PSB, but i'll say, this one's pretty good. the tux, back-up singers and light show really sell it.