Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Chris Sligh & Mute Math's - 'Typical'

American Idol is, once again, in full-swing. And although there are no Chris Daughtrys' I can rally around this year, there is another "Chris" who I'm rooting for. That "Chris" is Chris Sligh, the Jack Osbourne look-alike who isn't afraid to take verbal jabs at Simon.

Last night, Sligh sang a catchy song that I was unfamiliar with. Come to find out, after a day or so of researching the tune between working and other errands, the song is called 'Typical' and is by the
New Orleans based Mute Math. Furthermore, the album that 'Typical' is contained on was only released a few months ago in September of 2006.

Kudos to Sligh for not only choosing a great song, but for highlighting a track that is fresh and under most of
America's radar.

You can listen to 'Typical'


Anonymous said...

thanks to chris singing this song i got to discover how great a song it is! now im searching for some mute material, great performance chris and a really great song by mute!
Kash Rex

of.oceans said...

Yea, MuteMath is amazing. You should also check out their "Reset E.P." You can listen to some of their stuff on their myspace Also, their live show is probably the best I have ever seen, if you can catch them in concert sometime, you will not be disappointed.