Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Concert Review: The Bravery - October 5th, 2007

The Bravery's performance at Des Moines' House of Bricks on Friday, October 5th, was an underrated show by an underrated band to say the least. Considering that their self-titled debut was one of my favorite albums of 2005-06, I was in disbelief that admission to their concert was only $15, and that I had to compete for elbow room with maybe only a hundred other people. (In stark contrast to other standing-room only shows I've attended, where a critical mass of 800 people have swelled back and forth against my modest 6 foot frame, it was a refreshing change of pace.)

The band made a thrilling entrance by beginning the concert with the driving, yet danceable, 'Fearless.' The hallmark pipe organ effect that lingers during the beginning of that track provided a great audio backdrop for the band to quietly sneak in before exploding into an unadulterated synth-punk fury that never ceased throughout the hour long show.

For the majority of the show the band tended to hover around the indulgent disco-heavy tunes of their first disc ('Public Service Announcement,' 'Tyrant Mouth') while slowly splicing in tracks from their newest album; 'Believe' and 'Every Word is a Knife In My Ear' proved to be two songs from The Sun and the Moon that garnered the greatest response.

Overall, the band's performance was a solid one. And although their latest album pales in comparison to the melodic mastery of their debut, the band's unstoppably energetic stage performance provided great evidence that they have clear potential to put out an amazing third disc in the near future.

You can listen to 'Fearless,' 'Public Service Announcement' and 'Believe' below:

The Bravery - 'Fearless'

The Bravery - 'Public Service Announcement'

The Bravery - 'Believe'

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