Saturday, May 10, 2008

Video Double Whammy - MGMT & Calvin Harris

There are a couple of pretty sweetastic music videos I ran across today that I felt deserved a posting.

The first is from Connecticut's MGMT (pronounced "management). Their spacey electronic masterpiece, 'Time to Pretend,' has been racing up the charts lately, and their video seems to be a great potential nominee for a VMA later down the road. With giant cats and multitudes of zebras, this vid is quite the visual experience:

(2) The second video is Calvin Harris' fairly recent single, 'Acceptable in the 80s.' A snappy 80s-inspired dance hit, this video revolves around the dissection of an otter-like animal and how the humans around it benefit from its "donations." All peeps born in the 1980s should definitely view this video below:

Acceptable in the 80s Video

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