Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kenny Loggins - 'Playing with the Boys' - Video

Taking a page out of Title IX litigation, Kenny Loggins pleads for athletic gender equality with his eighties video, 'Playing with the Boys.'

The video's storyline is pretty cliche: cocky-jock men challenge a modest group of women to a game of volleyball, in a gymnasium packed full of spectators. The men have no problem in the beginning running up the score and partaking in outrageous dance celebrations. But the women refuse to give up, keep working hard, and tie the score toward the end of the game. Who ends up winning the match? Think "Mentos Commercial," and you can easily figure out the answer.

'Playing with the Boys' may be cheesy and dated, but its a sweet song nonetheless. Watch the video for 'Playing with the Boys' below:

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1 comment:

squatcher said...

you're damn right those were 'outrageous dance celebrations'!!! they were meant to be "in your face" and show those chicks what the real score is!!!