Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kent - 'The King is Dead (Kungen Är Död)'

Kent may have formed in Sweden more than two decades ago, but I must concede that it wasn't until today that I really knew much about them.

Indie-pop heroes in their native Scandinavia, Kent never caught on as much in the United States, and were often dismissed as sappy Radiohead copycats.

In 2000, the band released the much more critically-acclaimed Hagnesta Hill, which featured the lead-off track, "Kungen Är Död" - Swedish for "The King is Dead."

The song starts with trademark '90s alternative guitar and builds into sinuous waves of fuzz. In particular, the distorted riffs behind the melodic chorus make for a standout track on "The King is Dead."

You can stream the song below:

To hear the original Swedish version of "Kungen Är Död", click here.

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Disel Bear said...

This stand out track doesn't really build to much of anything. Same rythm and time through out the song. And I still hear the Radiohead in it. I feel this is a band that either needs to learn English from happier people or resort to a social meth habbit to at least gives them some passion and energy about something.