Sunday, July 08, 2012

Childish Gambino - 'Heartbeat'

Like most folks, I first encountered Donald Glover as "Troy," the jock character on NBC's groundbreaking comedy, Community.  On the show, Glover plays a goofy, silly guy who's into playing in imaginariums and treating the "real world" with genuine contempt.

I had heard for awhile that Donald Glover had a side project rapping under his alter-ego, Childish Gambino, but I was never real motivated to listen to his stuff because of typecasting:  I couldn't separate the serious rapper allegedly portrayed by Childish Gambino from the totally not-very-serious character of "Troy" from Community.

This all changed when I had the pleasure of catching at random the video to 'Heartbeat' on CoolTV, the only television station that actually seems interested in playing music videos right now.  When I watched the vid I was, surprisingly, pretty darned impressed.

Unlike the absurd "Troy," Childish Gambino in 'Heartbeat' lays down lyrics with a distinct viciousness not replicated by other rappers.  Certainly, the overall cadence is akin to Kanye, but the emotional delivery is undoubtedly reminiscent of Mr. Slim Shady, himself.  The hook is auto-tuned enhanced, but the artificiality is mitigated by the mean lines Glover drops all throughout the song.

Stream the video to 'Heartbeat' by Childish Gambino below:

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