Friday, September 23, 2005

Artist Spotlight: Faunts

More than six hours north of the Montana border lies the Canadian city of Edmonton, home to the hazy music of Faunts. The quartet's dreamscapes in the song 'Memories of Places We've Never Been' are painted with airy synthesizers layered over pensive guitar strummings. The vocals remain thin and delicate throughout; even when the beat picks up and the flute-like keyboards kick it up a notch. Gorgeously introspective, melodies like these are practically born to soundtrack a thoughtful drive through the middle of nowhere in the early morning hours.

Fans to the sleepy sounds of Iceland's Sigur Ros who are looking for a slightly more pop-oriented sound would be likely converts to the calm, collected musings of Faunts. The indie/electronic band's debut album, High Expectations/Low Results, is available October 18th through New York's Friendly Fire Recordings. Visit the group's website to hear music from this forthcoming album.


S Wilson said...

It is an amazing record. Their live shows are equally amazing.

m.e. said...

does anyone have the lyrics to "Memories of Places We've Never Been"? I really have a hard time trying to figure out what they're singing... Thanks!