Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Fox News to Pilot Own Conservative Daily Show

Right wing bastion Fox News is planning to air its own version of Comedy Central's long time running The Daily Show. This Just In is slated to air for only two showings on Saturday nights in late January, but if well received, would become a regular, weekly feature on the network.

However, unlike The Daily Show, Colbert Report, and Real Time With Bill Maher--all shows that satirize the news--This Just In would not be occupying a time slot on Comedy Central,
HBO, or another entertainment station like the aforementioned shows do, but would instead be broadcast on an actual news channel; a notion that is disconcerting to those worried about further blurring of entertainment and journalism.

But what is most unusual about Fox News developing a right-leaning news satire?
Dennis Miller has proven to us that conservatives aren't that funny.

For those of you unfamiliar with either The Daily Show or Fox News, I've done you a world of a favor and included a clip that features both

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