Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Will New MSI EP be 'Another Mindless Rip Off?'

New York's wacky electro/punk/hip-hop outfit, Mindless Self Indulgence, has developed a massive underground following over the past six or seven years. Of course, a fresh face might notice that the band's track record has seemed a bit jaunted during that time. Afterall, when You'll Rebel To Anything came out a little more than a year ago, it marked the first full-length album of new material to be released by the band since its 2000 sophomore disc, Frankenstein Girls...

But for a band that has largely made a career out of putting itself down - and which playfully mocks and insults its core fanbase for buying into the whole thing, this method of madness seems almost too perfect.

With numerous singles, EPs, remixes, and a live album filling the voids between its full-lengths, MSI seems to be telling its audience that it has simply been ripping them off. There's even been two alternative versions of YRTA and two remix discs issued within the last year alone. And as if they hadn't made their point clear, here comes the latest - Another Mindless Rip Off.

The EP will be made up of five new/previously-unreleased tracks, and will be accompanied by five remixes of the track 'What Do They Know?' According to their representatives at D.A.M.N. Artist Management, the new EP will be on limited release this season, sold exclusively through Hot Topic retail stores. Like most of MSI's limited material, it is expected to become a hot commodity, and will likely find the band back onto the eBay charts again before long.

The group's official website has posted the official tracklisting as follows:

Another Mindess Rip Off (limited edition Hot Topic EP)
1) My World

2) Pre-Teen Violence

3) Frying Pan
4) Lush
5) Born to Be Beheaded
6) What Do They Know? (MSI vs Julien k and Chester Bennington)
7) What Do They Know? (ProCon "Backstabbers Delight Mix")
8) What Do They Know? (The Perfects "Hollowboy Extended Pleasure Mix")
9) What Do They Know? (VNV Nation "Maelstrom Mix")
10) What Do They Know? (Kenny Muhammed. The Human Orchestra. "The Last Word Mix")

Samples from the new EP can be heard on the band's Myspace and Purevolume sites.

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