Wednesday, January 10, 2007

As Promised, My Favorite Album of 2006: Broken Boy Soldiers

Jack White is scorned by some, but seen by many as a musical hero. As co-founder of the White Stripes, the sometimes scandal-laden lead singer has had many the top music critic pay awful close attention to any and all projects he has chosen to particpate in.

In 2006 Jack White released a new album with a group described as a "new band made up of old friends." Combining the punk sensibility of the
Detroit scene with the enduring sounds of Rubber Soul, Mr. White created what I feel is a 21st century masterpiece.

Melodic, terse, and meaningful, Broken Boy Soldiers provides an assembly of songs that range from the simple to the complex, from the intellectual to the emotional. While the authority of track number two's 'Hands' lies in its powerful rythym, the album is equally balanced by the beautiful melody contained on 'Together,' a Lennon influenced ballad if there ever was one.

With that said, I find The Raconteurs' Broken Boy Soldiers to be my favorite album of 2006.

You can sample 'Together' here.

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