Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tate Modern Hosts 'Tate Tracks'

While the pairing of art and music may not be a new concept, the Tate Modern museum in London has been putting a refreshing twist on the idea. This idea has come to be known as 'Tate Tracks.' Musicians were invited to wander through the gallery and pick out a piece of art that spoke to them, and then record a song specifically to accompany the piece. As worded on the museum's website, "It's about art inspiring art."

After the musician has recorded the track, it is featured in the gallery along with the original piece. For the first month of display, Tate Modern is the only place in the world where the song is available. At the end of the month, the song is also made available on the museum's website.

Currently, the gallery is hosting Andy Warhol's Brillo along with a song by The Landscapers, titled "VaVaVoom." The track is scheduled to be appear online after February 1st. Past musician-artist pair ups include The Chemical Brothers with Jacob Epstein and Graham Coxon with Franz Klein.

For more information on Tate Tracks and to check out some rare new tunes, head on over to the Tate Modern Official Website.

What other artist-musician pairings would you like to see?

Here's an easy one to get your brain churning: David Bowie, Lou Reed and John Cale together for Warhol's Marilyn Diptych.

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