Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Does Iggy like Bob Hope?

It's not uncommon for most musicians to have a concert rider of sorts for the many venues where the perform. Sometimes these riders can include needs that are simple and somewhat understandable (ham sandwiches, alcohol, condoms, etc.) and sometimes they can be a tad eccentric (a brandy glass full of brown M&Ms). Either way, it would seem that these requests reflect the personalities of the performers that we enjoy watching in concert.

Iggy Pop is one of those individuals you would expect to request items that he doesn't necessarily need. That's why I wasn't suprised to run across his hilarious concert rider the other day. Whether it is needing a couple homosexuals for rock n' roll interior decorating or huge floor fans to give the blowing-in-the-wind feel of Bon Jovi, Iggy and his crew know how to make one hell of a concert rider. It's kind of a long read, being 18 pages, but the stream of consciousness writing is entertaining for all. Enjoy!

Check it out here.

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