Monday, April 30, 2007

Peter & Gordon - 'Lady Godiva'

Although one of the more obscure bands to come out of the British Invasion, Peter & Gordon are notable if only for being the first British act, after The Beatles, to take the number one spot in America. Incidentally, it was the duo's performance of the previously unrecorded Lennon/McCartney composition, 'A World Without Love,' that garnered the much coveted top slot on the American charts.

When the group formed in 1963, duo member Peter Asher's sister, Jane Asher, was dating McCartney at the time. Such a connection would provide much of the artistic capital necessary to launch Peter & Gordon across the Atlantic and onto regular radio airplay. However, in light of such a powerful association with The Beatles, Peter & Gordon were unique in their own right, often employing a more acoustic approach to the popular Merseybeat songs of their time.

In 1967, as the band's popularity was surely waning, Peter & Gordon released 'Lady Godiva,' a carefree bubblegum single featuring brass, horns and most importantly, a sense of humor. Set in a style similar to 'Yellow Submarine', the band continued to maintain their deliberate closeness to the sound of The Beatles. But a year later, even that tactic grew stale as the two members split up in 1968.

Listen to 'Lady Godiva' below:

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