Wednesday, May 23, 2007 Compiles List of Best Road Trip Songs

'Tis springtime, and though gas prices are continually rising across the country (driving many a pocketbook to ruin) there is no better part the of year to take hold of the wheel and steer into uncharted territory.

Yes, the all-famous road trip, an American staple, finds its travelers most at home on the black tar of the superhighways and backroads that connect the coasts.

And in the spirit of gas-guzzling tradition, has recently collected a list of the 25 Best Road Trip Songs Ever.

The list features several classic choices.
Bob Seger's "Turn the Page" tells of lonesome highways, while The Eagles' "Take it Easy" advises the listener, "Don't let the sound of your own wheels drive ya crazy."

Check out the
full list to argue which great songs you feel got left out of the mix. Judging by their selections, most of the songs were chosen based on song titles and lyrics related to road travel.

So, by that account, I hereby nominate
The Cars' "Drive" as an ultimate night-driving anthem.
Also, how about "Take the long way home" by
Supertramp, or "Highwayman" by the Highwaymen?? If you're feeling particularly angsty, why not tune in to some "Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)" by the Deftones, or "Bad Habit" by the Offspring?

Below, I've included audio for another personal nomination;
Sniff and the Tears' 1978 hit, "Driver's Seat."

The list could go on and on... proving that life in the fastlane is an important topic to the artists who spend most of their days riding on tour buses.

Sniff & the Tears - 'Driver's Seat'

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Steve said...

What about the most obvious one: Sammy Hagar's 'I Can't Drive 55.'