Monday, November 26, 2007

80's Flashbacks - Double's "Captain of Her Heart"

A few months ago, I was driving to dinner and listening to XM when this gem from 1985 came on. It may have been a few years since I had last listened to Double's "Captain of her Heart" but it took only a few moments to remember and sing along to one of the cheesiest choruses of all time.

The lyrics, while simplistic and a bit on the shallow end of the intellectual pool, do a fine job of illustrating the tale of a lonely woman who waits for a lover gone astray. Unfortunately for the aforementioned lover, the woman decides enough is enough and, I can only assume, starts looking around for a man of a higher rank. Obviously not a tune for those people in long-distance relationships.

"Captain of Her Heart" may have its moments of ridicule, like how often vocalist Kurt Maloo enjoys finding words that rhyme with "heart," but it definitely has a place in the always entertaining genre of 80's pop. Hope you enjoy the soprano saxaphone!

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Tae said...

YES!! I'm glad this song made it's long-awaited appearance - great post. Classic video too.

Maybe it's just me, but when the singer first turns around in the beginning, he even looks a little like you, Ted. :P

And back-to-back posts? FnA!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting "Captain of Her Heart." I had it going through my head this week and didn't even know who recorded this classic 80s tune.

barb said...

Hi! Am I the only only out there who sees this song as a possible answer -- or maybe even "Part II" to the 60's "Looking Glass" song "Brandy"?

First time I heard it, I thought the vocal style even resembled that of the singer of "Brandy".

Or maybe my mind is just making this up....

Anonymous said...

The song is abt a woman, Barbara, who was an American friend of mine years ago (she was living in Florida in the 1980's). She told me (if I remember the story correctly) she met the singer on a cruise, I think the cruise was between England and Ireland. They talked long into the night and felt a great connection. He wanted her to stay w/ him longer on the cruise. She liked him but "couldn't wait another day for the captain of her heart" who was her boyfriend at the time, another lead singer she missed greatly. I guess the singer was heartbroken and wrote this song abt the encounter. (DF)