Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ted's Song of the Week - 11/27/07

Into the Night
Santana feat. Chad Kroeger
Ultimate Santana

At any given time, I'll make rash decisions that may or may not expand my horizons a bit. It just so happens that the day "Into the Night" came on the radio, I was in the mood to give this song a fair listen and, let the record show, my opinions have changed slightly for the better regarding Santana and company.

Over the last decade, I have found myself steadily loathe the music that Chad Kroeger's Nickelback and Santana produce. Don't get me wrong, I recognize that both groups have well established roots in the rock community, but I couldn't help but lose a little respect for Santana after hearing "Smooth". And his recent pairings with the likes of
Michelle Branch and Baby Bash haven't helped his rock credibility either. One would think that Carlos could play with a better caliber of talent. C'mon, the guy wrote "Black Magic Woman"!

As for Nickelback, I loved their debut album
The State, but every album after has been a replay after replay of the same song, but with a different title. Of course, I'll bring your attention to the infamous "How You Remind Me of Someday" song comparision that has floated around the internet. Click here to listen. My main problem with the band is they can't seem to sound genuine in their music. It just seems like every time I hear Nickelback on the radio, it's tailor-made for pop stations. Not exactly what I envisioned for the band when I heard their very first single "Leader of Men". Now that song rocked!

Overall, "Into the Night" achieved what I had believed was impossible. Namely, I could listen to either one of the involved artists without immediately changing stations. In fact, the track has been in my regular rotation ever since the first listen.

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Anonymous said...

I have to take umbrage with dissing Michelle Branch as "no talent". Her Clive Davis produced hit single with Santana was a Grammy award winner and a definite improvement over the quintessential Tina Turner.... for whom I have ultimate repect, since I am of the same generation and genre..... No, it is not metal thrash or angst ridden, but it makes a statement about living each day to the fullest with a light inside that isn't burning people up..... anyway, must have been something good to get you writing again on the blogsite Ted, so welcome back.