Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Concert Review: Rob Zombie - November 2nd, 2007

Take a cliche of a cliche and you get a Rob Zombie show. With loud, industrial guitars, paired with on-screen visuals containing gore and nudity, Zombie's November 2nd show was the manifestation of shock rock schlock. As soon as the curtain began to drop to the Halloween theme song (his recent obliteration of the 70s horror franchise), I knew that his show would emit all things ridiculous. I was right.

The stage was adorned with a giant monster head, upon which the drummer sat. And on each side of this "head" a scantily clad woman stood, dancing in unison with her counterpart on the other side to each of Zombie's very undanceable metal songs (with maybe the exception of 'Living Dead Girl'). At one point a giant
Frankenstein robot came onto stage. Above the stage were video loops showing gratuitous images of naked women, as well as unfortunate characters getting sliced and diced up.

Perhaps it was the venue that made Zombie's show seem all too surreal and artificial. Sitting in a small arena, Zombie's similarly sounding songs all seemed to kind of mesh into a buzz of indiscernible crunch and reverb that provided literal pain to the ear drums. Or perhaps it was Mr. Zombie's bumptious attitude that limited any excitement or interactivity he was expecting from the crowd. During the finale of his show he was attempting to force the audience to chant "Zom-Bee, Zom-Bee, Zom-Bee," and thankfully the modest
Midwestern crowd didn't buy into such self-serving nonsense. (When you have to force people to scream your name, the state of your irrelevancy should be clear.)

Needless to say, Zombie came across as pompous, and he appeared forgetful that he was only the opening act. The crowd was there to see headliner Ozzy, and they did not want to put up with the self-promotion of his B-movies and songs about monsters---songs, mind you, whose only distinctions are changes in tempo and the insertion of differing sound samples. In all, Zombie's show was one big joke fest. Thankfully, once Ozzy emerged he saved the show (and perhaps the day).

Stay tuned for my review of the Ozzy show soon!


Anonymous said...

how long was zombie's set?

Steve said...

It was about an hour long.

Anonymous said...

Maybe there is a reason why rockers don't really care to play in Iowa! Get a grip dude, it's some cheap ass entertainment that isn't the same mainstream bubble gum crap we're adorned with everywhere today. what did you expect? Zombie isn't going to play with an orchestra. If you were disappointed you obviously set your expectations to high. Consider staying home next time and review your new Brittany Spear album.

Anonymous said...

Zombie was awsome! This guy obviously isn't a fan. I was there and Zombie was amazing as usual. Not to be missed.

Anonymous said...

Leave Rob Zombie alone! He's my favorite. I'll be seeing him for the third time on January 5, 2008 at Verizon Center in Washington, DC. He's awesome and creative on his shows!

Anonymous said...

and the problem is????

Anonymous said...

I was at the des moines show and the only reason it lacked any power was that he had laryngitis along with one of his band members.The pyro was good the women were great i love the monsterhead and iowa LOVES METAL. this is the f<:+ing home of Slipknot. I felt blessed to see the duo of zombie and ozzy playing for my entertainment and i was chanting their names all the way to the parking lot. So stuff your self righteous critique