Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kate Nash - 'Merry Happy'

Kate Nash is one those Myspace success stories. After releasing some material onto the News Corp. owned social networking site, rumor has it that Lily Allen placed Nash into her top eight friends list. This, of course, attracted massive interest from the rest of the world.

Nash does sound quite identical to Allen---a more petite version at least. But her vocal cadence also breeds sonic similarities to
Shakira and Mike Skinner at times too. And much like her contemporaries, Nash isn't as good of a vocalist as she is a storyteller. Her British accented narrations work its way through every song, emitting the pain, joy, and indifference of each track's protagonist.

You can stream 'Merry Happy' below:

Kate Nash - 'Merry Happy'

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Anonymous said...

Indeed, I agree that Kate Nash is a great lyricist but her live show lives much to be desired. Her guitar technnique is weak and her piano songs end and finish the same way, slow to fast, insanely fast. I was soooo disappointed on Saturday at her concert in Philly. Terrible. I couldn't hear her voice so I heard the melodies and all the melodies sound the same. Too bad for all of us who paid good money to go see an amateur. She needs mor epractice and more experience and much LESS HYPE.