Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Hotels - 'Sides'

Hotels has been described as New Wave Noir.  'Sides' by the Seattle band is consistent with that description:  It is dark and mystical and strangely gorgeous.  

Heart throbbing bass leads off the track, whereby it ushers in haunting synthesizer.  The song's structure is a slow burn, plodding toward a worthy climax at the end of the composition.  The real payoff, however, is the sublime vocals of lead singer Adra Boo.  Her voice is just perfect:  candid, plaintive, soulful, and fervent.  

Adra Boo has been a fixture of Seattle's music scene for some time now.  She was previously in Fly Moon Royalty, an electro-funk outfit.  She has also performed solo works and as a featured singer for several notable artists.  More information about this incredible vocalist can be found here.  

A YouTube stream of 'Sides' can be found in the player below.  Additionally, a video of her recent KEXP performance is featured below as well.  

Additionally, a Spotify link to some of Hotels' latest work can be found here.  

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Kaitlyn D said...

Really enjoyed "Sides"!
It seems that Hotels is a newer artist? I hope this song will gain popularity but may be a "sleeper hit"

Great post!